Your Baby’s First Rug

Your Baby's First Rug

Guest Post by Carly Evans, Land of Rugs

Babies and toddlers love crawling and rolling about on rugs, but not all rugs are equal.There is a lot of choice on the market, but here are some tips: 

  1. Choose a hard wearing rug
  2. Keep in mind the practicalities, such as keeping it clean 
  3. Comfort is the top priority, avoid rough materials
  4. Avoid anything that might irritate like chemicals, finishes and toxins, particularly on play rugs
  5. Aim to buy something that matches their personality (they can help you with this!)

Children are prone to making a mess, so getting a hard wearing rug is probably the right choice your child’s bedroom: rugs should be of a kind that can be easily cleaned. We would recommend wool, as wool is both hard-wearing, and very washable, but polypropelene is also a good option. 

Go HERE to download an easy guide for buying rugs.

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