Why use a Jogging Stroller?


Guest Post by Ciara Hartnett of Baby Browsing

The obvious benefit of a jogging stroller is that it has been specifically designed so that you can run with it. Free time is at a premium when little ones arrive and before long, finding time to exercise becomes increasingly difficult. A Jogging stroller offers a way for parents to get back to their running or jogging schedules while at the same time, giving the baby some fresh air. It is a great way to get back in shape by allowing workouts during your busy days caring for your baby. Although specifically designed to be used for jogging / running, jogging strollers also make great everyday strollers due to their superior suspension and resultant smooth ride for baby.

While the front wheel must be in a fixed position when in jogging mode, many jogging strollers have the option for a swiveling front wheel which offers great maneuverability on daily strolls. Depending on your environment, a jogging stroller can be a lifesaver. The larger wheels allow for easy pushing through both sand and snow as well as conquering bumpy city pavements. While it is recommended that parents wait until the baby is six to eight months old before using a jogging stroller for jogging, the stroller can be used as a regular stroller until then so fear not, you will not necessarily need to purchase two strollers.

With a higher weight limit than a regular stroller along with a well padded seat, it is also a comfortable set up from infant through to toddler years.

When shopping for your jogging stroller, a few points to bear in mind are as follows:

  • Weight – Due to the necessity for larger wheels and greater suspension, jogging strollers are rarely lightweight but choose a stroller that is manageable for you, easy to push, to handle and to fold.
  • Folding Mechanism – Choose a stroller with a straight forward folding mechanism. Also look at the size of the folded stroller and ensure that it is not unnecessarily bulky for lifting and depositing in your car.
  • Front wheel – It is best if the jogger is suitable for both walking and jogging. It is necessary for the front wheel to be in the locked position when running, however; it is not ideal for everyday use as it makes it much less maneuverable especially when tackling corners or store aisles.
  • Storage – Ensure that there is adequate storage on the stroller for all the necessities taken on daily outings with your little one.
  • Large Canopy – Ensure the canopy is sufficient to protect your little one from both sun and rain. A peekaboo window is a must-have so you can keep an eye on baby without interrupting your stride.
  • High-Quality – Make sure you do not compromise safety and stability for a cheap price.