When New Parents Need a Lyfeline

Parents Need Lyfeline


By Jak Burke,

Okay I’ll admit I’m not a techie but I do appreciate innovative apps and gadgets that help parents navigate the pain points when they bring a new baby home. It can be completely over-whelming, not to mention exhausting, reading up on milestones and watching videos on development. The biggest concerns for most new parents is: is my baby healthy and is she or he developing normally? There are apps on the market that attempt to monitor an infant’s milestone progress but none come close to Lyfeline’s app Milestones. Why?

Lyfeline combines “data analytics with actionable insights”. That means using lots of solid scientific information about infant development and offering activities that parents can do with their baby to stimulate, track, support and encourage healthy development. As no two babies are the same, how can the app monitor your baby accurately? This is the really cool part, the app collects a 360 degree view of your child and delivers personalized developmental improvement program based on your child’s needs to maximize their potential! That’s like hiring your very own baby enrichment coach 24-7.

How does it work?

Milestones covers Gross and Fine motor, language and social skills. To get this information, parents have to answer the app’s quizzes, or a series of American Academy of Pediatrics approved questions necessary to create the child’s complete profile. Some parents are happy to answer the questions, while others, not so much. However, for the ones that do, in addition to the child’s development profile, a series of expert and pediatrician created activities and challenges that engage both the parent and child are given to help parents both bond, and encourage development and growth of the child. Lyfeline is a pioneer amongst parenting apps because Milestones delivers cutting edge scientific data direct into your home.


At Baby Does … NYC we have a core ambassador group of new parents ready and willing to try innovative products and services. We asked two of our moms to road test Lyfeline’s app Milestones. Here’s what they thought.

Real Parents: Real Reviews
1. Norah, Mom of 18 month old Scarlett. “I had some log in issues initially. Once I got in, I liked the Tips for your Baby and the milestones section. I think its a cool concept, but I also felt a bit overwhelmed. I don’t have time to take quizzes all day and I think it might be too data-driven.”

2. Regina, Mom of 4 month old Isabel. “I love the lifeline milestones app! It is so much fun and very informative. I love the ideas they give to play with your baby. We have had so much fun . It’s also comforting to know our baby is hitting all of her milestones. The comments by other parents are fun too.”

Great feedback. For sure, the app does require our full attention at times. We recommend that you set aside regular short breaks when you’re sitting down, just to explore the app.  Make sure you’ve eaten and taken a nap first (if you’re sleep-deprived).  Ask your partner to join you in using the app – share the data load! All apps need time to navigate – so make sure you give yourself the mental space to understand all of the app’s features before you begin to use it. Once you get it, the app’s multiple features will become intuitive and a regular part of your baby’s daily routine.

60,000 parents are already using the app

Working with researchers and pediatricians from Stanford and USCF, Lyfeline Corporation  developed their app to analyze, track, and promote a child’s development directly on a smartphone. Utilizing an American Academy of Pediatrics recommended series of development questions, parents gain an in-depth look into their child’s fine and gross motor, language, social and self-help progression. Parents also receive percentile benchmarking relative to the child’s age group. Milestones provides fun activities for parents and information cards that encourage healthy growth. The app helps new parents to confidently bond with their babies – and that is a key prerequisite for a healthy, normal development.

Milestones mom_

Product information

Genre: Parenting

Price: Free ‘lite’ version; Full-App use requires Monthly Subscription

Release: November 1st, worldwide

Platform: iOS (iPhone/iPad) + ANDROID

Languages: English

Age recommendation: Parents with children 0 – 5 years

Website: www.Lyfeline.co

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