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Village Maternity: where every birth is a unique journey

Village Maternity: where every birth is a unique journey

By Jak Burke,

Is it possible to have it all?  If we can have our cake and eat it – that would be a remarkable thing. When it comes to childbirth it has been common to assume that it’s a necessary hurdle in the pursuit of parenthood – something to get over and get through as quickly as possible. And that birth involves limited choices or choices made by others.

But there is a counter-movement too. Millions of people now believe that birth is not an obstacle or a medical procedure to endure, rather it is a profound life-altering experience in and of itself and one that can define us as new parents forever. This more mother-centric, holistic approach is gaining popularity for all of the obvious reasons. First and foremost it involves giving expectant parents real choices, not the usual two choices: home birth with attendant medical risks or a hospital birth with its impersonal environment.

Leading the trend are two incredible pioneers: Jaqueline Worth, M.D and George Mussalli, M.D, the founders of Village Obstetrics and now Village Maternity.

The ethos at Village Maternity comes from the very top. Founders Jaqueline Worth, M.D and George Mussalli, M.D, (pictured below) have combined their knowledge, training and talent into a formidable team. Both doctors are extremely friendly and accessible. They also love what they do with a passion. To them each mother is different, special, unique. They regard every birth as an opportunity to join a couple on their initiation into parenthood. To Worth and Mussalli every client imparts an important shared experience, they are not mere numbers on a medical chart or a balance sheet – they are a part of a growing community.

George Mussalli, M.D (left) Jaqueline Worth, M.D (right) at the grand opening of Village Maternity

Village Maternity is Worth’s and Mussalli’s latest venture.  It’s mission is to bring the specialized services and expertise of their other practice Village Obstetrics to a wider audience. Perhaps the most exciting news is that Village Maternity is coming this year to Metropolitan Hospital – which means that nitrous oxide, wireless fetal monitoring, free private rooms with showers in both L&D and recovery rooms will be available. For a full list of services please go to Village Maternity’s website.

Village Maternity

The team at Baby Does … NYC was fortunate enough to attend the grand opening of Village Maternity where we met and spoke to numerous midwives. The clinic was bright and spacious with the latest technology in the examination rooms. Personally, I was struck by the philosophy of the midwives. It was universal and it was this: that the mother is central to everything. That might sound obvious when it comes to childbirth but if you have ever watched the documentary The Business of Being Born, or experienced a typical hospital birth, or heard of one, then you will understand how refreshing the idea is.

Lynne Walrod (front, Dir of Sales @Baby Does NYC) with two midwives at Village Maternity

For me the primary advantage of Village Maternity can be summed up in one word: choice. At Village Maternity a mother can enjoy the intimacy, the serenity and comforts of a home birth with all of the medical know-how and technology of a hospital birth. It’s a concierge approach. It’s also important to emphasize that Village Maternity provides care both before birth and after: pregnancy and postpartum. That’s a plus for modern parents who wish to avoid commuting to different clinics and processing multiple invoices.

For the Village Maternity team, supporting the mother as she navigates her childbirth journey is key. I heard over and over again this type of sentiment, “a mother that feels empowered understands her own ability and the needs of her unborn child”. Each midwife beamed a convincing glow of confidence as she conveyed this concept. It made me realize how crucial it is that a mother feels like she is in control and that she is not a cog in the machine, a time-slot, a procedure or just another hospital number. This is how birth should be celebrated. It is a profound rite of passage for any woman. And it’s time that NYC moms knew that they have a place to go that supports that idea.

If you contact Village Maternity please let them know where you heard about them: Baby Does NYC.Village Maternity

Hours: Tues and Thurs 5pm–9pm and Sat 10am–2pm

Address: 137 East 36th Street, New York, NY 10016

Phone: 212-705-8785
Email: office@vmaternity.com

Fax: 212-574-3301

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