Ubbi’s Limited Edition Diaper Pail: An All Star Addition to Your Baby’s Nursery

Ubbi Diaper Pail

By Jak Burke,

The diaper pail can be a much-overlooked addition to our infant’s nursery. Sure – it’s a perfunctory item that handles dirty diapers but it needn’t be stuck away in a corner. Design plus functionality and price are all key factors expectant parents consider when purchasing a diaper pail. So when we discovered the Ubbi brand we were pretty excited. Their diaper pails rock!

Ubbi’s diaper pails combine a sleek design with a focus on odor containment and easy diaper disposal. No wonder they are a hit at Babies R’Us. They are also a firm favorite of NYC baby register expert Natalie Gentile at King Kidlet.

As more and more parents, baby experts and day care centers are discovering the stylish value of Ubbi’s diaper pails we thought you should know about them too. They have some pretty fantastic features:

powder coated steel
rubber seals
innovating sliding lid
no special bags required
childproof safety lock
safe, convenient & economical
easy to load, use, empty & clean
holds and average of 35 diapers
award winning design
available in 13 colors
3 limited edition patterns

We were fortunate to obtain a limited edition diaper pail by Ubbi called Navy Stars and one lucky parent got to experience its aesthetic quality.

Real Parents, Real Reviews: Mom Francis
“I can’t believe how promptly I received the pail. It actually arrived 2 days after I submitted my shipping information. I love the design of this pail. Not only is the Navy Stars print really fun, it doesn’t scream diaper pail. One of the main reasons many people dislike diaper pails is the way they look. You want a diaper pail that will blend in with your home decor or baby nursery. This one does just that. It’s sleek and modern design look great.

Now to the most important part, it’s made of powder coated steel. So it really traps odors and also keeps them from sticking to the pail. Another awesome feature is that you can use standard kitchen trash bags. If you have purchased other diaper pails you know that using their proprietary liners can really add up over time. So this is really a huge feature.

I have used this pail in our master bedroom, since the baby is still in a co-sleeper in our room. I also tried it in our living room, where her changing station is located. Both areas never had any lingering odors. There’s rubber on the seal to prevent odors from leaking out. It’s easy to remove the trash bag, which is not something you can say about all diaper pails. But something so simple such as easy to install and remove bags is very important. The last thing you want is a bag full of dirty diapers getting caught or ripping.

Once our baby moves into her nursery, we will be placing it there and I think it will be a wonderful addition to her room.”

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