Ubbi’s Diaper Caddy and Wipes Dispenser: multitasking made simple

Diaper Caddy and Wipes Dispenser

By Jak Burke,

A diaper caddy is a must-have addition to your diaper changing that’s often over-looked that is, until the day when you have to try to change a baby’s diaper. Through all the wriggling and clean-up frenzy you soon realize the importance of having one. Introducing Ubbi’s diaper caddy and wipes dispenser! Not only is it a handy hold-all for the stuff you actually need: diapers, wipes, cream, it’s also compact, stylish and easy to store and transport. Here are some of its cool features:

holds an average of 8 diapers
convenient window to monitor quantity of wipes
fits standard wipes dispensers
includes soft changing mat, drawer to store smaller items
integrated handle for easy carrying
non-skid protective rubber feet
PVC, BPA & Phthalate free
available in 4 colors: sweet pink, navy blue, grey, orange
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Why am I fan of the Ubbi diaper caddy and wipes dispenser? I like how they look. It’s like Steve Jobs took up the baby business.  So many products aimed at changing diapers are bland, sterile-looking like medical accessories. Some diaper caddies resemble badly designed tupperware, the kind you keep hidden in a drawer. Not so – Ubbi’s personal care product line. Their stuff is playful, well-made and a complimentary addition to nursery decor. The diaper caddy is sturdy. It can take hard knocks like baby pushing it off the changing table. Although we don’t recommend you test this out 😉  They are also made from non-toxic plastic so junior gnawing on the handle shouldn’t send shivers down your spine. The caddy invites investigation by a baby. When they’re in that phase of taking objects out of a container and then putting them back, your diaper caddy makes the perfect learning toy. The price is on point too at an affordable $39:99.

The wipes dispenser (an additional purchase at $19:99) makes the perfect accompaniment. It boasts the same sleek design as the diaper caddy plus it has a window that helps you keep track of the quantity of wipes. We sent one of our parents ambassadors an Ubbi diaper caddy and wipes dispenser to see if she loved them as much as we did.

Real Parents: Real Reviews

“I’ve really enjoyed the Ubbi diaper caddy and wipe dispenser. When I completed my baby registry, I wasn’t really that interested in a diaper caddy. Our home isn’t that big, and I didn’t really think it necessary. This is one thing that I didn’t know I was missing. I now have diaper changing stations upstairs and down, making it super easy to change my little guy wherever we are. I was already a fan of Ubbi products (I have one of their diaper pails), and this product lived up to my expectations. It’s got enough weight to it so that it doesn’t knock over easily, but it isn’t so heavy that it is difficult to move. The color options and simple design are also spectacular! It’s clean and modern, and doesn’t look childish sitting in my living room. The wipe dispenser fits other brand wipes (not just the Ubbi ones) which is nice, and I love that it has a drawer in it to keep diaper cream, hand sanitizer, etc. I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone with kids!” Mom Brenna

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