The Ubbi Tweat Snack Container

The Ubbi Tweat Snack Container

By Jak Burke

What’s in a cup? It depends on who’s holding it. If you have ever had to snack your toddler on the go you will understand the pitfalls: scattered munchies everywhere, too many snacks placed into the mouth at a time, the futility of a plastic bag (once it has been torn asunder by rough toddler handling) and its contents sprayed across the back of your car seats.

The solution to messy toddler snacking has been solved by the snack container, so infant brand Ubbi didn’t reinvent the wheel – but what makes the Ubbi Tweat Snack Container so appealing at first blush is and yes it’s a tad superficial … the design. It looks cool and be prepared for some infant envy for its adorable little bird look – hence the “tweat” in its name.

It also comes in 5 vibrant colors: robin’s egg blue, hot pink, orange, green (above) and red.

Great price, again, for some this might appear shallow but $9:99 is a very good price point for such a sleek looking container.


Aside from the original design and retail price, the Ubbi Tweat Snack Container offers the reliable features that we have come to expect from a toddler snack container: keeps snacks fresh (we have all dug out containers at the bottom of our diaper bags months later – right?), has a weighted base to stop tip over, and a versatile lid that allows for aggressive, repetitive toddler feeding frenzies without any spill-out.

We wanted to test the product on one of our busy moms, and here is what she had to say:

Real Parents: Real Reviews

“I had given up on snack cups for my toddler. I have tried a number of different brands and either the spill guards hurt my little one’s hands while she was extracting her snack or the lids broke off. Enter the Ubbi Tweat Snack Container Cup. It’s cute enough that my toddler plays with it like a toy, but practical and functional enough for her to use independently. The spill guards have a special design that keeps them from scraping my daughter’s hands. The clasp closing is sturdy enough that it stays closed through drops, but easy enough to open that my 2 year old can open it herself. I think I’ve found my new go to snack container!”

Jessica, pregnant Mom w/ 2yr old

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