The Cushy Closer – quiet at bedtimes

The Cushy Closer – quiet at bedtimes
By Jak Burke,
We were fortunate enough to have given away three Cushy Closers in January and they have proven to be a G*d-send for one family. Mom of two Christine sent us this feedback:
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“I used the Cushy Closer all weekend.  The door knobs in our apt are long handled so I wasn’t sure it would work but it did! My two kids share a room.  Our 3 year old Charlie, goes to bed before we put the 6 month old Madeline down.  We end up having to creep into the room when it’s time for her to go to bed OR leave the door ajar.  The Cushy Closer solved this and allowed us to close the door without having to click the knob. We received an adorable fox printed one and it remains on the door!” Christine
Company Info:
Cushy Closer was founded in 2007, by two sisters, Gail Calderon and Darlene Garcia. In response to frustrations borne out of the near certainty that opening or closing a door would wake one of their sleeping children, Gail and Darlene combined their respective talents in business and sewing to devise a solution. Over the course of the next few weeks and months, the two worked around the schedules of their combined nine children to perfect what would become The Original Cushy Closer Door Cushion.


  • Allows for quiet entry and exit through almost any door
  • Helps parents and caretakers avoid waking sleeping children
  • Eliminates the need to turn a doorknob or handle
  • Snug fit design helps muffle door sounds, including: slamming, rattling and closing
  • Prevents children from being able to lock themselves in or out of rooms
  • Designed to hold its shape over long periods of time and extended use
  • Conveniently hangs from door handles until ready for next use
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