The CityStroll Organizer – handy for the important stuff

The CityStroll Organizer - handy for the important stuff


By Jak Burke

I like a product that solves a problem. The CityStroll organizer by Choopie solves the problem of leaving your stroller in a playground or store without leaving your personals in a diaper bag. Why not just lug your diaper bag around? Well truth is most of us pack way too much stuff and holding a baby while sorting through a bulky diaper bag dangling precariously off a shoulder isn’t much fun. But who needs two bags? And can you get enough stuff in the organizer? Yes, it has tons of mini storage and you can hang it off the stroller or use it as a bag.


Check out the usage. At just under $30 it’s an affordable stroller accessory that you won’t want to live without.

url-3Buy one $29:99

Product description – CityStroll Stroller Organizer Console

CityStroll is a multi-purpose stroller organizer that doubles as a take with you shoulder bag. Never have to transfer your essentials again! Stroller organizers are amazing accessories that make carrying all your essentials easy, but till now transferring your belongings was a hassle. The take with you bag function is practical, easy to use and super cute. CityStroll is a must have for every parent on the go!

Real Parents – Real Reviews

“I always thought when I will get pregnant . I will only need to have baby bag but I have to admit I was totally wrong . Having baby diaperbag only wouldnot give me the access to all what I need especially on the go for small trip or even long trip with my baby .Well CityStroll stroller do just as perfect as baby diaper  bag and the fact that it is small .It can fit also in my baby bag keep everything organized . When I received it I was so happy .the compartment , the versatility and the lightweight featured in this pretty neon yellow /black stroller organizer is what every women needs . I can see my self using it for everyday  I do not  have to carry a whole big diaper bag all the time while I can fit diapers , change clothes , bottles and more I even can fit my phone , keys  and just hang it on stroller on the go.” Rama

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