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The Best Way to get your Baby around the Subway (best baby gear)

The Best Way to get your Baby around the Subway (best baby gear)

By Jak Burke,

Getting around on the subway in NYC can be tricky especially if the elevator isn’t working. Traveling light is key for mobility. Key are the following:

  • A light weight foldable stroller
  • A safe and sturdy baby carrier
  • A lightweight diaper bag

Let’s start with the stroller. There are many amazing almost high-tech strollers out there but they aren’t always good for the subway. My personal subway favorite is the Baby Jogger. It’s affordable, lightweight and can be adapted for a car seat for newborns. It’s also easy to lug up and down stairs and inch between fellow passengers. 

A second option is the Baby Bjorn carrier ONE especially for a young infant. You have the option to face your baby back or front. The shoulder padding is good for supporting a parent’s back over long journeys. The carrier is also perfect for rush hour commute. You feel safe wearing your baby in something that well made. 

Our third choice is a good light weight diaper bag. We love this Skip Hop diaper bag – it’s light, easy to carry, packs a punch and is very affordable making it a good spare option for public transport and shorter journeys. 


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