Teaching Math to a Toddler

Teaching Math to a Toddler

Guest Post by Daseta Gray

Brain development -Math concepts

Now that your toddler is 3 years you can introduce the following words to her . Long and short,longer and longest , shortest , counting , subtraction and adding . These concepts are introduced gradually and time is given for the toddler to understand the language . This should be done when you are playing with your toddler. Your toddler has been playing with this toy for a while. You will say” wow John this dinosaur has a long tail” he may look at it or he may not . He heard it and observed that you touched it .

Then you can say and this one has a short tail. After a few weeks and he understand the language you may want to say can you show me which dinosaur has a long tail if he shows you create a big deal about it . “Wow John give me a high five yes you did it” and if anyone else is home call them and tell them. You will see the big smile that will be on his face. Now you know that he understand the language that goes with the object. Then you will introduce the next words Longer and shorter. Again give your toddler time to understand the language and the object. You will repeat this with the other words that you will introduce.