Primo’s Charli Chair: Why Showers with Baby just got Easier


71wW0iQm9HL._SY355_By Jak Burke

We love products that give parents a helping hand. One of the trickiest tasks when we have a new baby or toddler is taking a shower – right? It makes sense that we would want to be able to clean ourselves and our infant’s body at the same time so that we can maximize our free time (when junior is napping or playing for example).

But if you’ve ever tried to shower with your baby you’ll know how dangerous it can be to keep hold of a soapy little body. Babies wriggle and reach out for anything they can play with. So a shower stall is a magnet for tiny hands. You also don’t get to pay attention to your own hygiene. Last but not least you’re aware of how dangerous water can be to a small baby.

The along comes Primo – with a wonderful line of baby products made in the USA. Primo has solved the problem of dual showering by creating a safe, easy-to-clean, showering high-chair called the Charli Chair! It’s one of a kind. You will not find any other product out there that serves this purpose.

Here are the specs:

SAFER. It’s a safer alternative to bathing. Using a shower eliminates much of the risk of drowning conventional bathtubs have for a baby. According to reports, children ages 1 to 4 have the highest drowning rates.

LIGHT-WEIGHT AND EASY TO MOVE. The Charli Chair is used from when the baby is designed for infants 0-24 months, weighing up to 37lbs.

POSITION IT. Featuring a two position recline, the Charli Chair is able to tilt to a 30 degree angle for newborns and then 45 degree angle for when the child is old enough to want to sit up.

EASY ASSEMBLE. The Charli Chair is quick and easy to put together. Both the frames and the seat have a built-in clicking mechanism, making assembly a snap! The Charli Chair frame is made of zinc-treated steel, making it waterproof and rust-resistant.

EASY TO USE. The Charli Chair is a unique shower chair designed for babies that is placed in a flat surfaced shower. The chair’s adjustable height design eliminates the need to bend over while bathing, eliminating back pain most parents complain of. The Charli Chair provides parents with the freedom of both hands as their baby will be securely strapped in with a five point harness during use.

GOOD VALUE.  We love the affordability of this chair at $149:99. Primo also offers free shipping within the USA.  Buy it here.

We want our parents to experience new products too so we shipped a Charli Chair out to NYC mom Christine for her little guy Sawyer. Here’s her take.

Real Parents Real Reviews

The Charli Chair by Primo: by Christine Lee, mom to Sawyer

“Recently, my family had the opportunity to try out the Primo Charli Chair, the “world’s first baby shower chair.” The Charli Chair is one of those products that you never knew existed, but once you use it, it makes perfect sense.

FullSizeRender (3) (1)

Just to give you a little bit of background on my family – my husband, my son Sawyer and I live in a “cozy” 2 bedroom apartment in New York City. Our bathroom is pretty small with a shower instead of a tub. Although this hasn’t been a problem yet, our 19 month old is quickly outgrowing his toddler tub so we’ve been looking for potential solutions. We’ve tried giving him showers in the past, but they’ve been incredibly difficult, usually lasting just a few minutes and filled with lots of crying and very little washing. That’s why we were so excited to try out the Charli Chair.


Here’s a breakdown of what worked well and what didn’t.

Assembly was nice and painless! I put together this chair at 7am in my pajamas with zero caffeine or tools. It took approximately 4 mins to get everything out of the box and assembled, and that includes the time that Sawyer spent inspecting/playing with the contents. The chair consisted of 3 big pieces that easily click together: the base, legs and seat.

Adjusting the height of the shower chair was just as easy with a “button” on the sides that you can intuitively move up and down. I kept the chair at the top height so I wouldn’t have to hunch down when washing Sawyer, but it’s really useful to have different options to choose from. Using a dial on the side, you can also adjust the seat position, angling it to 30 degrees for newborns and then 45 degrees for older kids. The 45 degree angle worked really well for Sawyer since it allowed him to sit up and be a more active participant.

At certain points Sawyer was impatient to get down so it was great to have a full 5 point harness to keep him locked in place and safe. Unlike a bathtub where he has a lot to keep him distracted (splashing, pouring water, etc.), it was a bit harder to keep him occupied in the shower. With that in mind, it would be nice if the Charli Chair had a clip-on hanging toy bar or a tray/bag to keep toys nearby.

Overall, the Charli Chair served its purpose really well. The seat was big and comfortable. At 19 months old and 26 pounds, there was plenty of room for Sawyer to sit and move around. The seat drained very well with strategically place holes throughout the whole seat and the entire frame was waterproof and rust-resistant. The design is simple, stylish and compact, which I appreciated. The only downside is that I wish the frame folded or was collapsible so I could easily store it out of sight when it’s not being used.


Ultimately, with the Charli Chair I was able to give Sawyer a fun and easy shower experience that didn’t result in immediate tears. That in itself is a game changer for our family and well worth the price!”

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