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The Snug Bug Changing Pad

By Jak Burke, Like that light yoga mat or the foldable crib - some things are just better, well, lighter. The Snug Bug peeps already...

Talking to Your Baby

By Heather Moss, Speech Therapist "What did you say? A common question we ask our babies and toddlers.  Very often (if not always) babies develop...

Eepples: Managing your Breast-milk just got easy

 (Eepples cute Milkcharm labels) There is nothing more disheartening than peering into the fridge at 2am (while holding a starving newborn) and forgetting which bottle...

The Cushy Closer – quiet at bedtimes

By Jak Burke, We were fortunate enough to have given away three Cushy Closers in January and they have proven to be a G*d-send for one...

Measles Virus: A Real, But Preventable Disease

Guest Post by Vicki M. Porges, MD Downtown Pediatrics-Tribeca As a pediatrician I am committed to being an advocate for children’s health. As Pediatricians we aim to practice...

Teaching Math to a Toddler

Guest Post by Daseta Gray Brain development -Math concepts Now that your toddler is 3 years you can introduce the following words to her . Long...

Fresh Wave: Odor Removal, the Natural Way

  By Jak Burke Let’s face it we all encounter bad odors in our homes. They can range from lingering cooking smells, to diaper pails or...

Nature’s Premiere: Earth Friendly, Bottom Friendly diaper-wear

By Jak Burke, there are many compelling reasons to choose more earth-friendly products for your baby these days. The good news is that none of...

Your Florida Neighbor Beth O’Connor – A Superior Skin Care Specialist

Your NYC Neighbor – is a way of introducing New Yorkers to a rich community of savvy parents and business owners. New York is a...

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