Nature’s Premiere: Earth Friendly, Bottom Friendly diaper-wear

Nature’s Premiere - Earth Friendly, Bottom Friendly diaper-wear

By Jak Burke,

there are many compelling reasons to choose more earth-friendly products for your baby these days. The good news is that none of them require us to go back to our Grandmother’s time. Companies like Nature’s Premiere take all the sweat and stink out of cloth diapers. Here are 3 reasons to consider going diaper green this year:  

The Bottom Line: Your Baby’s Comfort

Nature’s Premiere’s 100% natural cotton diapers feel extra-soft against your baby’s delicate skin. Not only does the breathability of their cotton nappies (diapers) allow air to circulate through the diaper, but it also evaporates any ammonia released in the baby’s urine, helping to reduce diaper rash.  Their meticulous cleaning method enables Nature’s Premiere to control pH levels and permits them to match their diapers pH to baby’s sensitive skin, which also helps in reducing diaper rash. Think of it this way: a cloth diaper is just another item of clothing for your baby. When choosing what is most comfortable against our skin, the clear winner is cloth rather than a hard chemical laden plastic diaper.

Your Baby’s Health

Did you know that a disposable diaper could cause health problems? Here are just a few reasons why disposable diapers are healthier than their chemical laden counterparts:

Disposable diapers contain chemicals

*SAP (Sodium Polyacrylate), a super absorbant polymer, (the gel you see when you cut open a wet diaper) was banned from tampons in the 1980’s because of its possible link to toxic shock syndrome (TSS). This polymer which is in most of diapers, (even the clorine free brands) can absorb 100 times it’s weight in water, which makes your baby feel dry but it often mistaken for cleanliness.

*Dioxin is a by-product of the paper bleaching process and has been found in disposable diapers. It can be found in various forms and has been shown to cause cancer, birth defects, liver damage, and skin disease (EPA “Integrates Risk Assessment for Dioxins and Furns from Chlorine Bleaching in Pulp and Paper Mills”.)

Your Baby’s Development

Potty Training: Babies who cloth diaper tend to toilet train up to a year earlier than babies in disposables because the infants know when they are wet. Here’s an excerpt from the New York Times Article (“Two Experts Do Battle over Potty Training.” The New York Times, January 12th 1999) to prove the point:

“In 1957, 92 percent of children were toilet trained by the age of 18 months, studies found. Today the figure of 2-year-olds is just 4 percent, according to a large scale Philadelphia study. Only 60 percent of children have achieved mastery of the toilet by 3.5, the study found, and 2 percent remained untrained at the age of 4 years.”

Your Service – how it works week to week

(1) Each week, on your scheduled delivery night, NPDS will wisk away your used diapers for a batch of clean, fresh, PH balanced cotton diapers for the week ahead.

(2) The service includes the use of their cotton prefold diapers and the laundering of these items.

(3) They also offer different packages that include snappis, covers diaper pails etc to fit your needs, and a complete online store.

(4) On your delivery day all you need to do is put the used batch of cotton diapers from the previous week out for pickup in the hospital grade liner provided in the pre-designated area (front porch for houses, in front of doors for apartments etc.) agreed on. NOTE: Please shake out any big solids into toilet and flush to help prevent stains and limit diaper pail odor. The service then takes away the full bag and leaves you with a set of clean diapers. There is no reason to rinse the diapers before putting them in the hamper. Nature’s Premiere does that for you. Please do not try to wash diapers at home as home laundering generally causes detergent buildup and can stain diapers.

(5) All new sign ups must register with Nature’s Premiere at least 4 weeks before their delivery date. It generally takes 2 weeks to process a new order. Nature’s Premiere aims to schedule your first drop off 2 weeks before your due date, so you have the diapers on hand and ready for when baby comes. As soon as you have your baby just give their office a call 877-49-CLOTH, and they will get you into their delivery route for the coming week.

Is there a cheaper option?

Yes. The basic service package is just that. Nature’s Premiere delivers 80 cotton prefold diapers to your door and launder them on a weekly basis. Covers can be purchased on their online store separately along with the diaper pail and other accessories. If you need extra diapers just ask, but the first 2 dozen are on them! If you need more diapers there is a charge of $3.00 per dozen that will be added to your service each week.


Compostable Diaper Products

Sill not ready to give up the comfort of disposables? Nature’s Premiere has a compostable solution. This is a compostable diaper service program, the first of its kind in New York. The ease of disposable diapers without the guilt . Nature’s Premiere offers weekly pickup and drop off service where diapers are hauled up to a professional composting facility, never hitting a landfill.

  • Compost Service Fee Cost: $39:99 per month. *$39.99 service fee does not include sales tax or the price of diapers. There is a 4 box minimum purchase every 4 weeks.
  • This is a weekly diaper service. Each week, Nature’s Premiere will drop off a new box of diapers (read more below) and pick up the dirty compostable diapers. They will provide you with a compostable liner for your diaper pail. Smaller compostable on-the-go bags can be purchased separately.
  • Wipes are costed as extra

Your choices of compostable diaper: Bamboo and Naty


100% sustainable materials


Size 1: 8 packs of diapers per month costs $104

Size 2: 4 packs of diapers per month costs $54

Size 3: 4 packs of diapers per month costs $54

Size 4: 4 packs of diapers per month $59:96

Size 5: 4 packs of diapers per month $59:96

Size 6: 4 packs of diapers per month $63:96

* prices correct at time of publication Feb 2015. Please check websites for current pricing. 

Q) How do I size my baby’s diaper needs?

Size 1 (4-9lbs) 28 count
(with newborn package you would receive a 56 ct. per week)
Size 2 (7-13lbs) 30 count
Size 3 (11-20lbs) 33 count
Size 4 (15-40lbs) 30 count
Size 5 (26-49lbs) 27 count
Size 6 (35-66lbs) 22 count

eco nappies are completely unbleached, contain no latex, fragrance, or TBT (tributyltin), and are hypo-allergenic

Size 1: 8 packs of diapers per month costs $104

Size 2: 4 packs of diapers per month costs $54

Size 3: 4 packs of diapers per month costs $54

Size 4: 4 packs of diapers per month $59:96

Size 5: 4 packs of diapers per month $59:96

Size 6: 4 packs of diapers per month $63:96

* prices correct at time of publication Feb 2015. Please check websites for current pricing. 

Q) How do I size my baby’s diaper needs?

Size 1 (4-11lbs) 26 count
(with newborn package you would receive a 52 ct. per week)
Size 2 (6-13lbs) 34 count
Size 3 (9-20lbs) 31 count
Size 4 (15-40lbs) 27 count
Size 5 (24-55lbs) 23 count
Size 6 (35 +) 18 count



1-month supply $15:96

Read Terms and Conditions

For delivery before your due date, sign up four weeks in advance.

Your delivery day is determined by your location. Nature’s Premiere service families Monday night through Wednesday night. When you order service, they will assign you a delivery night (they have nighttime hours only). This day will always be the same unless they need to reschedule due to harsh weather conditions, or holiday schedule conflicts which you would be notified in advance first.

Drop off and Pick Up: Since Nature’s Premiere is a nightly delivery service, they will require a safe location to make your diaper swap weekly.

Some common areas are:

  • In the front of the front or back door of private homes
  • With a doorman in a doorman building
  • In front of your unit door in a doorman building
  • In a safe, low traffic area of your key entry building

For buildings with no doorman that require a key to enter after hours, please note that *we must* have a key or building code to access your building.

For more information read the FAQ at Nature’s Premiere 

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