My Newborn hates the Stroller

My Newborn hates the Stroller

By Ciara of Baby Browsing,

We love to pass on great information for new moms when we get it. Ciara a mother and owner at is a regular contributor for Baby Does NYC and she recently helped out a new mom (Heather Moss) with a common problem: a newborn baby that hates going into his or her new stroller. Here are Ciara’s great tips:

  • Buy a Stroller mobile or toy to entertain.
  • If it’s the stroller straps he’s not a fan of you could try stroller Strap covers
  • If he’s in the bassinet, try Swaddling him to make him feel more secure
  • Raise the mattress up a little as he might not like being flat. My daughter wanted to see everything going on around her and much preferred a higher position
  • Put in a blankie with your scent on it for him
  • Start with short walks and gradually build up over time. Put him in the stroller as you are ready to run out the door so you’re on the move quickly.
  • Plan your strolls for when he’s just fed and in good spirits
  • At 3 months, he may prefer the seat slightly raised

In addition because her baby would not go into his stroller, Heather used her baby carrier a lot. But the carrier that Heather used began to hurt her shoulders and back especially as her baby began to put on weight. We have tried and tested the Baby Bjorn carrier ONE in the past and we have found it to be the most supportive and long-lasting carrier for a mom in the City. Baby Bjorn kindly offered to gift Heather their chesnut brown baby carrier ONE and here is Heather’s feedback:

“The baby bjorn is awesome! It provides great back support and the baby seems comfortable in it as he goes straight to sleep! Remy is a heavy baby and I am definitely less sore wearing this carrier than other types that I have tried.  I still try the stroller every day and we have been making progress on short walks but I never leave home without the carrier in the bottom of my stroller as I end up transferring him to it 90% of the time. I like the Baby Bjorn carrier ONE model because he will be able to face out when he’s a little older which I think he will love! I can even sit down while wearing the carrier when I get exhausted from walking and he stays asleep :)”


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