Lights, Camera and Pearhead’s Baby Announcement Chalkboard!



Mom Cindy

By Jak Burke,

One of the most precious moments in a new parents’ life is when they discover that they are pregnant. What follows is a life-changing journey as their baby grows. There will be baby showers and lots of messages congratulating an expectant couple because social media has opened up the world. Relatives love updates and events to commemorate their new family member.  Sometimes its difficult to know when to make a splash and what prop to use.

When we first heard about Pearhead we fell in love with their lines of products aimed at every stage of pregnancy and of a baby’s first few years.  Their chalkboards in particular celebrate big festive milestones. But there isn’t anything bigger than a baby announcement. It’s probably the proudest moment in a parents’ life. And yes there’s a chalkboard for it. We wanted to see how Pearhead’s Chalkboard Baby Announcement made an expectant mom feel on a very special day: her baby shower.

Real Parents, Real Reviews: Cindy, pregnant mom
“We received the Pearhead Chalkboard Baby Announcement for our expectant daughter and are very pleased with the product. The announcement board is made out of a strong material that allowed us to use it on several occasions! It was a focal point at our baby shower! The board has spots for the baby’s name (or parent’s last name), parent’s first names, and expected date of birth which is nice to have. The kit even included white, blue, and pink chalk to write in which I think was a nice touch especially if you do or don’t know the gender. I think this is a cute product that can be used several times throughout the pregnancy and placed in the baby’s room afterwards. Overall it is a good quality product that I would recommend to my friends and family. thank you Pearhead!”

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