Keeping Your Baby Warm this Winter

Keeping Your Baby Warm this Winter

By Jak Burke,

Even if your baby is snuggled up against your body in a carrier, he or she is still highly susceptible to the winter chills. If your child is older and in a stroller it’s also vital they are kept insulated and able to sustain their own body heat. But how?

Car Seat dress code

We now understand that bulky one-piece suits and padded coats can endanger our child in a car seat because the straps are generally loosened to compensate for the additional layers. But loose straps cannot restrain a child adequately should an accident occur so we should avoid this practice. Here are some tips to keeping your baby cozy in their car seat:

  1. Use a light weight, fleece body suit instead of a bulky snow suit or padded coat
  2. Keep your baby’s extremities warm through a hat, gloves and booties
  3. Have your car adequately heated before you strap a small infant into its car seat
  4. On long journeys stop safely, and periodically check your baby’s temperature
  5. Avoid interior extremes of either too hot or too cold
  6. Use a car seat cover and not a sack that fits into a car seat
  7. Keep all windows closed but air vents open
  8. Keep the AC off


$43 Buy Now, 3M, 6M, 12M

Zutano has a great affordable range of winter products: gloves, booties, the Elf body suit (above) and hats made from a super soft fleece. Items come in a wide range of colors. The Elf body suit retails at $43 and here are some neat product details:

  • Super soft fleece suit
  • No fire-retardant chemicals used
  • Non-slippery and that’s good for Car Seat wearing
  • Machine Washable
  • Designed in Vermont
  • Standard return policy
  • Wide range of colors
  • Snaps
  • Enclosed or non-enclosed feet options
  • Complies to WRAP standards in China (safety, good labor conditions)

One-Piece Suit

The latest one-piece suits are lighter and even more affordable. Lighter one-piece suits are easier to put on an infant especially if you’re in a hurry. Less padding means tighter and more secure stroller straps however a lack of weight can equate to less insulation so make sure that your baby is adequately layered, and dressed in natural, breathable materials like organic cotton or hemp; snuggled in a cozy stroller sack, and protected by a weather proof plastic cover. And avoid prolonged outdoor trips in extreme weather.

$55-32 0-6M Buy Now
This Gap Factory, Warmest Puffer One-Piece is a good middle of the road purchase. Here are some product details:
  • Designed exclusively for Factory Stores
  • Quilted outer, poly fill
  • Long sleeves with elasticized cuffs
  • Hood with elasticized sides
  • Zip front
  • Embroidered Brannan bear at chest
  • Elasticized leg openings with fold-over closures
  • Fully lined #204716

Want a more traditional look? Check out this retro one-piece from The Children’s Place for under $25.

$24.98, 0-9M, Buy Now
  • Made of 100% polyester pongee; specially coated for water resistance
  • Linings of body, mittens, and booties made of 100% polyester glacier fleece; specially treated for a soft feel and to reduce pilling
  • Sleeves and cuffs made of 95% polyester/5% rib-knit spandex
  • Hood lining made of 100% polyester faux sherpa
  • Sleeve lining made of 100% polyester taffeta
  • Zipper closure from neck to waist with skin guard
  • Extra features: Toggle buttons with heart appliques at front. Hood has 3D ears at top. Snaps at wrists to connect mittens. Separate booties for sizes 12-18 months

If you don’t want to wrestle little legs then bunting sacks are a good alternative. For an easy in, easy out bunting with a ton of insulation, take a look at 7am Enfant line Doudoune. Their bunting and stroller sacks are affordable and versatile options to the more expensive, Cayote and Goose unfriendly, one-piece suits.

Baby Carrier Cover

Even though our infant is snuggled against our body and might even feel warm to the touch, they are still exposed to the elements in their carrier. Blankets can feel cumbersome so what can you do? Try a cover designed to go around and over your baby carrier.

$118, 0-4T Buy Now

The Pookie Poncho by 7am is the heavy weight for winter wearing. Complete with a glossy shell, it’s perfect for cooler temperatures. The woven insulation protects your baby during windy and snowy weather and simplifies moving about the city with little ones. Here are some product details:

  • 100% synthetic materials
  • Two interchangeable hoods allow for easy conversion from a baby carrier cover to a car seat or stroller cover
  • Roomy pouch for baby’s body and legs
  • Buttoned openings for child and parent’s hands
  • Ultra-soft premium insulation distributed evenly to maximize warmth
  • Machine washable and tumble dry

Car Seat Cover

Transporting a newborn from a warm home to a car exposes them to an extreme change in temperature. Making sure they are shielded from the elements is a top priority. What can you use? An insulated travel sack, a blanket?

There has been some controversy about the fitted sacks that fit inside a car seat. Read an article on the subject here.

You can keep your baby safely protected and warm with JJ Cole’s Car Seat Cover, It’s made of weather-resistant nylon and soft fleece and its blanket-style design eliminates the need for bulky and unsafe jackets while the zippered flap provides a custom fit to grow with your baby.

  • Elasticized outer band fits over infant carriers and standard-size strollers
  • Removable top for temperature control
  • Machine washable
  • Birth and up

Stroller Sack

Babies need extra insulation even when they are dressed warmly in a one-piece suit. Sitting stationary for even short periods of time in freezing weather can give your baby a nasty chill and endanger its health. If you don’t want to deal with multiple blankets you can opt for an insulated sack to line your stroller. Easy side zips for inserting your baby comfortably and slits for close-fitting straps, so that you can secure them safely from within their stroller sack are plus points.


$59.95 Buy Now

The quilted outer nylon of the Urban Bundleme from JJ Cole protects against wind and rain while the luxuriously soft inner thermaplush™ adds style and warmth. Product details:

• Use with strollers, and joggers
• Wind and water resistant
• Machine washable
• Removable top for easy temperature control
• Allows safety straps to rest directly on child
A Stroller Sack is not a substitute for a plastic cover that protects your baby/toddler from the rain, wind and snow and is generally clipped or snapped over your stroller. When buying a stroller cover make sure it is right for your brand and model. The use of both a Stroller Sack and a plastic weather cover will collectively keep your baby warm.

What are your winter tips?