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Got a question? There’s a chart for that!

Got a question? There’s a chart for that!

By Jak Burke,

It’s like a catch-phrase out of the comedy series Portlandia. Imagine a sleep-deprived mom (or dad) who cannot process anymore information but needs to know how much formula is good for a feed at 2am or how much water does an infant need or what are the healthy milestones for a toddler? Where do you go for that type of information?

Some days I just trawl the web looking for helpful sites, mostly parent blogs which are invaluable walk in my shoes reads for the early hours of the morning when you’re feeling over-whelmed and helpless. It’s like there isn’t enough information out there for every little concern that you have – right?

“There’s a chart for that!” Yes … sometimes less is more and a chart can transfer information to the brain quicker than an article. Visual maps or info-graphs make learning fun. It’s why schools use them. So why not new parents?

Will and I is a parent blog that sets out to map every stage of your baby’s development with charts. The author explores motherhood, travel, decor and play. I loved the Motherhood section. Some of the posts are old (2014) but they are still relevant. There’s a ton of stuff about verbal skills, toddler food ideas (we can never have enough of them) how much dairy is required for healthy bones, when do toddlers get their molars … and so on and so forth.

Looking for toy ideas for when junior turns one? Will and I has that covered too with a comprehensive review of a bunch of fun and educational toys that totally plug into your baby’s developmental needs 12-24 months. If you’re thinking about traveling with your baby for the first time Will and I explores baby gear rental and beach accessories. Some of the posts won’t apply to NYC moms though a lot will. But I guess I’d bookmark this site mostly for its charts.

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