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“Good Karma” Gift Giving Ideas

“Good Karma” Gift Giving Ideas

By Jak Burke,

What can we buy our loved ones for the holidays that actually makes a difference? Conscious-buying is not just a trend it’s a wave that will reshape how businesses interact with our planet and communities. So dig deep without guilt and know that your gifts will be giving on more than just one level.


Investing in emerging industries supports economic development and local jobs. Here are few cool products currently on the market.

For Baby

We LOVE LOVE LOVE Lexy Pexy teethers. We were one of the first companies to review this home-grown brand. At $25 a teether you get an all-natural product that comes ready to bite, and sealing is not required. Wood is naturally anti-bacterial. Materials are sourced sustainably. Lexy Pexy teethers come in an assortment of different designs. Check out their cool City designs here“Gwen” $25. Buy Now

For Mama

The AquaVault FlexSafe is a mobile vault for valuables that attaches to a stroller or a beach chair. As featured on the hit show Shark Tank. AquaVault is proud to support the Make-a-Wish Foundation. As a corporate policy, a portion of all profits are donated to local Make-a-Wish Foundation chapters. So when you purchase an AquaVault product you will be giving back.

$39:95 Buy Now

For Papa

Brooklyn Grooming is an artisan based business from yes … Brooklyn. It blends traditional oils and natural materials and transforms them into stylish, apothecary style grooming items for sophisticated men. We think this travel kit is a neat addition to your holiday giving.

$48. Buy Now

Named for professionals who work away from the office, The Fieldman’s Canvas Pouch was inspired by travel bags they would use while working in the field. This perfect carry all pouch with a classic design holds everything you need for traveling. Spacious main compartment and finished with a zip closure. An easy complement to any traveler’s gear.” Note – bag isn’t filled. To fill this travel bag with grooming items go here.


Buying USA-made products not only protects American jobs they also mean higher quality, safer, more sustainable items for our home.

For Baby

Eric Siegel makes cool wooden toys from his Chicago studio called Tree Hopper Toys. His style is a blend of retro-minimalism at heirloom quality. The prices are affordable and comparable to most imported goods of this type. We think this mobile toy called Wilbert is adorable. Good for both genders and excellent for developing fine motor skills and teething.

A Hopper Jalopy is a versatile toy that can become whatever a curious child needs it to be. If they want to make music, it is a rattle. If they feel like driving, it is a car rolling across your floor. If they just must know what smooth sustainable Midwestern hardwoods finished with a 100% natural beeswax blend finish taste like, it is a wonderful teether.”

$10-$15. Buy Now.

For Mama

Bun Maternity is a stylish line of chic maternity apparel for moms on the go! Inspired by busy moms it boasts a delightful range of items and we particularly adore the Mama dresses. Check out their full range here. This is our favorite. Maternity Dress Heathered Black.

$70. Buy Now.

For Papa

Looking for a vintage style faux leather wallet? Look no further than this wallet from Uncommon Goods. The Buffalo Nickel Billfold Money Clip retails at $50.

$50. Buy Now.



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