Fresh Wave: Odor Removal, the Natural Way

Fresh Wave: Odor Removal, the Natural Way


By Jak Burke

Let’s face it we all encounter bad odors in our homes. They can range from lingering cooking smells, to diaper pails or pet sanitation pads, to a lack of ventilation. And the closets that store our sneakers and shoes can get really stuffy. As much as we clean or use traditional odor vaporizers or scented candles the odors eventually return. Most odor-removing items simply mask bad odors at best. Some sprays can even contribute to toxic build-up in our homes over-time. Candle wax and incense ash are also annoying side-effects that come with freshening the air. So when a natural room deodorizer comes along I am always interested.

The Fresh Wave package that I obtained contained the Gel ($9.99) for 24/7 odor removal (lasts up to 60 days), the Fresh Wave Spray ($7.99) that you use to spray on immediate bad smells and that is safe to use anywhere you would spray water (on fabrics, in the air) and the Fresh Wave Packs ($9.99) that you can throw into a shoe or gym closet or the bottom of a diaper pail (each pack last 60 days). All available at Target.

I was impressed across the board. The odors disappeared immediately. But I didn’t have to endure a perfumed or chemical after-smell. The rooms went back to a pleasant neutral fresh odor.


I wanted to test Fresh Wave on one of our parents. This was the review from Pregnant Mom Regina who has an 8-year-old daughter.

Real Moms, Real Reviews: Regina

“My husband and I had just moved into our new home on the Jersey shore when we received our Fresh Wave package from Baby Does … NYC.   Moving when you are 8 months pregnant in the middle of the summer is not fun!  So I welcomed the diversion to open and try all my new Fresh Wave products.   The house was a bit musty from the move so I started with the Fresh Wave Spray.  It had a crisp, slightly minty smell – not overwhelming or too strong like some air fresheners can be.  My next-door neighbor came over to introduce herself.  She brought her yellow lab over as well, who proceeded to run all over the living room with my 8 year-old daughter.  I used the Fresh Wave Spray to diffuse the “dog” smell.

It worked wonders! The spray does not have that perfume fragrance that tends to just mask odors.  It actually seems to “cut” the smells so you have a clean, refreshing scent in your home.  I put the Fresh Wave odor removing Gel in our powder room and have been delighted with its effectiveness with our bathroom odors.  I put the Fresh Wave Packs in all our sock drawers.  My daughter said her socks smell fresher and cleaner.  And my husband said his white tennis socks smell refreshing! (And they were pretty stinky before!).”

Natural ingredients used – a proprietary blend of essential oils including natural lime, pine needle, aniseed, clove and cedarwood.

So there you have it. Whether you live in a city apartment or a suburban home Fresh Wave has you covered on bad lingering odors. But hey don’t just use it in your home. Take it to your office or keep some in your car. Odors can arise anywhere.

Head to to find a Target store near you.  Products start at $7.99 and up.

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