Fertility Revolution’s Julie Chang, L.Ac.

Fertility Revolution's Julie Chang

Meet Julie Chang a former New Yorker now based in California, and founder of Fertility Revolution podcast.

I’m Julie Chang, founder and host of the Fertility Revolution podast.  I’m a fertility expert with 15 years experience in using Chinese Medicine including acupuncture, herbs, supplements, and nutrition to help women and men grow their families.  I’m particularly passionate about blending the best of modern medicine with the wisdom of holistic medicines to provide a comprehensive treatment plan for those I’m helping.  Under my supervision, hundreds of babies have been born and I hope with Fertility Revolution we can make that millions!

What is Fertility Revolution?

Fertility Revolution is a 5 day a week podcast, hosted by Julie Chang, interviewing fertility experts and educators.  We share our experience and valuable tips to help you get pregnant.  Fertility Revolution spotlights respected fertility doctors, complementary fertility practitioners, attorneys, infertility advocates, published authors, and health & wellness experts.

Why do you work in the fertility sector?

After earning my Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics from UCLA, I went to acupuncture school and graduated summa cum laude with a Master in Traditional Oriental Medicine. As with most acupuncturists, I had a general practice but one of my very first patients was a fertility patient.  After a few months of treatment, when she came in announcing excitedly that she was pregnant, that was when everything clicked into place.  Helping women get pregnant and fulfill their dreams of motherhood was where I wanted to devote my energy.

What advice would you give wanna-be parents?

Have a plan when trying to conceive.  Years can be wasted if you don’t know how you’re going to move forward when you’re not getting pregnant as planned.

Tell us about any new developments giveaways specials or upcoming events.

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