FaceLove Fitness: Your Skin’s Workout

Facelove Fitness


By Jak Burke,

In our quest to bring healthier beauty options to new parents we came across FaceLove Fitness a revolutionary approach to holistic skin care.

Imagine a facial that did not involve harsh chemical emollients or discomfort? Their mission is simple: to provide quick easy access to a healthy skin care routine that is not focused just on product but on the skin’s natural ability to re-energize & tone.


Rachel Lang and Heidi Frederick (above) the founders of FaceLove Fitness met in the playground in 2012 and immediately bonded over their busy mom schedules and the discovery that they had both worked in the skin care and spa industries. It was an instant connection.

Lang and Frederick believe that exercise and a healthy lifestyle is the key to staying fit and looking your best. So why not apply that ideology to your face? Just like going to the gym, taking care of our facial health: skin, muscle tone and glow – requires a regular routine. And that was the birth of FaceLove Fitness.

While other skin and beauty clinics can be cost-prohibitive and time-consuming FaceLove Fitness is easy, affordable and quick. It’s also a natural social space – so take your BFF or co-workers or mom and have a pamper party. It’s quick enough to enjoy during a lunch break. FaceLove Fitness workouts only take 15 minutes and frequent visits have a cumulative effect. The best part about it? FaceLove Fitness does the exercise for you.

Sessions includes:

Muscle Interval Training
FirmFit Touch
Cool Down
Signature Hydration Mist
Makeup Touch Up


Energizes Complexion
Tones/Strengthens Face Muscles & Skin
Minimizes Stress
Whole Body Rejuvenation

30-min $50
45-min $60

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Our Sales Director Lynne Walrod (above) wanted to try out a session. Here’s her take:

Lynne’s experience:
“Facelove fitness is now located at 1 Fifth Avenue in the intelligent nutrients store. I arrived a little early and Heidi (one of the founders) gave me some herbal tea and showed me around the intelligent nutrients store. I was offered a shot of intellimune oil which is an antioxidant seed oil blend. The store is very feng shui with beautiful displays of their products- all natural essential oils , organic shampoos, lip glosses , etc. they have a TIME ZONE organic oil which I tested on my pulse points – good for jet lag.

They then lead me to their adorable space with 2 cozy chairs and soft music playing. There is a ladies room right there and a beautiful window overlooking east 8th street.

My technician was Georgia and she was amazing! The facial is really more like a facial massage – she rubs your neck, face and shoulders. I was like puddy after ten minutes. She rolled some warm balls over my face which was then followed by cold facial rollers. She also had me do some facial tension exercises where I tensed my eye brows and then released – each time about 5 times. This was also done with my lips and mouth. There is very little product used except for one of the intelligent nutrient serums which had a nice scent to it – light and clean.

Towards the end she had me lean forward and I got a back and neck massage – also with breathing exercises. Massage ended with “intelligent nutrients” lip delivery antioxidant gloss (which I proceeded to buy!). After the massage (which was over 45 minutes) , I rested in the chair for ten minutes sipping water. I felt all of the toxins had been released from my face and was completely rejuvinated! Gave Georgia a big hug!

I would highly recommend FaceLove Fitness to anyone who wants to combine their love of facials with a yoga and massage slant. I like the fact they do not use a ton of product and don’t try to sell you product. It’s all about the experience of relaxing, resting and breathing. For $65 you get a 45-minute session and it’s worth every dollar!”

Book a FaceLove Fitness session now, and quote #babydoesnyc:

One 5th Ave
NYC, NY 10003
United States
(281) 948-9627
(646) 573-2631

Monday – Saturday: 10 – 8pm


E: facelovefit@gmail.com

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