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Evoq: the 4-1 stroller

Evoq: the 4-1 stroller

By Jak Burke,

Our job is to make your life easier. So finding a stroller that takes you from 0-5years, and from one child to two, was a nice discovery. Despite the obvious longevity and economic advantages of keeping one stroller for years while you grow your family, we love the design. This product is styled as a travel system and as luxury in a compact size.

Sterling colored Evoq 4-1 stroller

And it’s true. The infant seat is easy to slot in. The baby/toddler seat has two positions: parent-facing and front-facing. When your toddler wants to walk but gets tired (and doesn’t want to hop back in the stroller) you can push the stroller seat forward and expose a glide step. The plush stroller seat is also good for junior’s naps while you run errands. The handle is height-adjustable perfect for mom, dad, a caregiver and grandparents! The stroller comes in three colors: teal, sterling and midnight. I personally like the color ‘sterling’. It’s gender-neutral and looks sleek.

The Evoq retails at $409.99 at Toys R’Us, which is a great price to pay for a stroller that is good quality and offers a longer usage life.

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