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Why We “Can” Dump Plastic Zip Bags for Good

Why We “Can” Dump Plastic Zip Bags for Good

By Jak Burke,

I’m as guilty as the next person of using ziplock plastic bags recklessly. I also routinely don’t reuse them. They have become as much a part of my kitchen life as tupperware has and so … I’m always a fan of a company that modifies the wheel instead of replacing it. The wheel in question is the plastic seal up bag.

So why dump the plastic throw-away bag?

Approximately 20 million plastic sandwich bags find their way into our landfills. They do not biodegrade. That means they sit there leaching toxic ingredients into our soil and water supplies. Plastic bags contain PVC, fillers and industrial by-products and those items find their way into our children’s bodies and hormonal systems.

The solution?

The kid brand Stasher describes itself as the evolution of storage bags. Sounds great but what does it mean? It means you get all of the benefits and convenience of the old bags sans the bad stuff:

  • pinch press seal
  • air-tight
  • freezer, micro-wave, dishwasher safe
  • reusable, easy to clean
  • label friendly: marker pens
  • safe storage on-the-go: picnics, school, work
  • 100% pure platinum silicone (no PVC)
  • non-porous surface prevents bacterial growth


How it works is this: you buy one or two bags at $11:99 each, they have four with different (cute) motifs, and you use them again and again. You don’t throw them away. They are that sturdy.  BUY NOW here


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