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Dressed like Princess Charlotte: where to buy the same outfits

Dressed like Princess Charlotte: where to buy the same outfits

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to copyright restriction we are unable to reproduce photographs of Princess Charlotte that are owned by photographers, magazines and photobanks. However we can produce photographs released for general release by the palace, HRH Duchess of Cambridge and all apparel that Princess Charlotte wore in her portraits or similar apparel.

There’s a new Royal kid on the block and she is totally adorable just like her big brother Prince George. Meet Princess Charlotte. (Latest photos and updates first)

(above, Princess Anne, with her mother HM the Queen)

A quick guide to dressing the aristocratic daughter.

  1. 100% cotton stitched bodice dresses usually of a floral pattern, with puffed, short, lined sleeves.
  2. Matching bloomers.
  3. Wool tights in cold weather.
  4. Matching knitted cardigan.
  5. Lace top ankle socks (white, blue) in summer.
  6. Buckle shoes.
  7. Hair tie.
  8. 3/4 length, 100% boiled wool coat, double-breasted button up.
  9. European brands: English and Spanish.

Princess Charlotte starts nursery school January 2018

So look at who’s the big girl now? Princess Charlotte began what the British call “nursery school” in January, which is like a kindergarten early-learning environment. Princess Charlotte is attending Willcocks Nursery School. The school is a close 5-minute stroll from Kensington Palace and no doubt because of all the press attention security will be tight.

Some quirky facts are that the school is tucked away in a quaint church hall and all of the teachers are female. The school boasts French, sports teacher and music as part of its curriculum. And like most kindergartens the little Princess will be expected to look her teacher in the eye and shake her hand when she arrives and then again when she leaves in the afternoon. She will also be reminded to tidy up and say “please” and “thank you”. According to a People Magazine article the royal parents chose the nursery because the teaching staff were impressive.

No big surprises on the boiler wool coat that Princess Charlotte was wearing Princess by Amaia Kids, this “Razorbill” style is a deep burgundy. It comes in other colors too. Retails at around $160.

Favorite royal brand Doña Carmen have confirmed on other sites that their Mary Jane with hard sole style in maroon is theirs. The leather shoes are made in Spain and have an anti-skid rubber sole. They retail at around $35.

Charlotte’s hair ribbon is also by Amaia Kids. Not 100% sure about the wool tights although a source offers the above brand.

Princess Charlotte’s adorable pink scarf comes  as part of a Marie Chantal gift set featuring pink cashmere items retailing at around $700+.

The cute backpack, another favorite of the royal children is a Cath Kidston style however it’s no longer available. Fear not they will be bringing out a similar bag in their Spring/Summer ’18 collection featuring ponies.   So look out for them!

Christmas 2016

The royal family enjoy a very traditional Christmas that begins with a church service at St Mark’s Church in Englefield, in Berkshire. See images here. It is unknown which coat (traditional, wool, double-breasted two-thirds length) Princess Charlotte wore. Underneath Princess Charlotte was dressed in a coordinated maroon knitted cardigan from Spanish brand m+h. Her bow was an Amaia maroon bow.

A visit to Canada!

September 2016

Princess Charlotte joined her brother on an official tour of Canada in late 2016 and charmed the public with her impish toddler charm.

The royals tend to stick to the same brands or similar for both children. It’s a timeless preppy look, conservative but with a splash of new patterns and colors. Perfect for two children on the go.

Princess Charlotte wore the Hand Smocked Dress in blue and coral by Pepa and Company. It is made from 100% cotton, with a conservative Peter Pan collar, (similar to the shirts and tops that Prince George wears) and with traditional puffed sleeves. The dress comes with matching bloomers.

Princess Charlotte’s cardigan bears the logo “Mi Lucero,” which is the name of the company that makes Amaia Kids sweater.  Charlotte’s socks are the Plain Sock with Cuff Detail, here they are at Classical Child.

The little Princess was in Dona Carmen shoes and she wore one of her blue Amaia Kids hair bows.

The Royal balcony!
Princess Charlotte joined her big brother George, along with other royals, for the Queen’s official 90th birthday celebration and a traditional “Trooping of the Color”! She can be seen along with her brother here.

It’s still not totally clear what brand of dress Princess Charlotte is wearing but if you want a similar look see this Smocked Baby Dress at Feltman Brothers ($62.99); on the right, and the pink Smocked Flower Dress ($80) at Les Petite Abeilles.

For her footwear check these out.

Charlotte’s shoes look like the Early Day’s ‘Emma’ in pink popular with the royals.  Princess Charlotte’s ankle socks look like Condor’s Perle Side Openwork ankle socks in either the pink or rosetta colorway (approx. $4.40).

(Princess Charlotte, aged one, Kensington Palace)

Happy Birthday!

May 2nd 2016

Princess Charlotte turned one today! The Duchess of Cambridge commemorated her daughter’s birthday with these adorable photographs taken on their country estate. In almost identical style to her previous outfits the little Princess is dressed in t-shoes (“Emma” Early Walkers), tights by Amaia, a frock in both pink and blue (m + h?) and matching cardigan. A cute bow tie to keep her hair out of her eyes is now a regular feature. What can we tell about her character from these latest images? Princess Charlotte is an early walker (with a fun prop!) She is also a confident, happy child.

Sitting on Great-Grandma’s lap!

April 2016

Taken in the Green Drawing Room at Windsor Castle by American photographer Annie Leibovitz, HM Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 90th birthday through this gorgeous family portrait. Present are the Queen’s youngest grandchildren and her great-grandchildren.Princess Charlotte is dressed once again in an elegant Spanish brand m + h. It’s going to get easier for Americans to purchase items from this European brand because they will soon be launching an e-commerce site!

Dress: from their Winter collection. See this facebook post by m+ h. The brand is going to make it available on their new e-commerce site. So stay tuned. Cardigan: m + h.

Her shoes: Early Days “Emma” in white.

Princess Charlotte sees snow for the first time.

March 9th 2016

Royal watchers everywhere got a treat when Kensington Palace released some adorable family photographs by John Stillwell of the UK Press Association. They were taken on a recent ski trip to the French Alps and it was the first time both kids had gotten to see some snow!  Here is the low down on what Prince George and Princess Charlotte were wearing.

Charlotte wore the Baby Wadded Snowusit by UK retailer John Lewis. The suit is a cotton/poly/nylon blend with detachable mittens, a button-through front and cute set of ears atop the hood. It retails for £28, about $40. It remains available in Charlotte’s off-white color in most sizes, and also comes in a blue and a dusky pink color. Charlotte was wearing a pair of Emu Australia Platinum Baby Booties in pink. The color looks off a bit, but it could very well be the lighting.

Charlotte’s hat is by Scottish heritage brand Johnstons of Elgin. The soft pink cashmere hat is crafted in Scotland in a Fair Isle pattern, and offered online at $55. There are also matching mittens ($49) available in this design. Both items also come in the company’s Skye Blue colorway.

A Dress for Princess Charlotte

Nov 30 2015

It serves us right for predicting that Princess Charlotte would NOT be seen wearing a frock before her first birthday! It seems we cannot under-estimate the ‘nanny’ effect when it comes to royal infant fashion. This floral infant number comes from yet another Spanish brand m + h and it cost a relatively low 21 GBP – that’s around $30. It is rumored that Princess Charlotte’s royal nanny purchased the dress on a recent trip back home to Spain. The massive spike in sales due to these Princess Charlotte’s photographs has resulted in delays on all orders. Check out the site for other ideas. www.mhtiendas.com/colección/productos/vestidos/

No dresses for Princess Charlotte until age 1?

According to a recent interview with Royal favorite infant brand Rachel Riley – Rachel said that it’s unlikely that the royal couple will dress their young daughter in dresses until she reaches her first year. The Cambridge’s are an extremely traditional family who follow royal protocol on their children’s wear. I have documented this particularly in my posts about Prince George. The same trends will be visited on Princess Charlotte. Royal babies tend to wear fairly simple cotton but high-quality (often hand-stitched) one-piece suits, kind of like romper suits. White is a favorite color. Here is a sample from Rachel Riley that we think might be featured on the growing Princess. The baby suits are priced from $119-159. Free shipping in the USA.

Princess Charlotte’s worth at 4-months

According to CNN Money the young Princess Charlotte is worth a staggering $5b already beating her older brother Prince George who generates a mere $3.6b for the brands and businesses that serve his royal age-group. How does it work? Quite simply the royal infant will wear an item by a particular brand and sales for that item go through the roof.

Princess Charlotte’s christening

The christening was held at St Mary Magdalene church on the Queen’s private Sandringham estate. Princess Charlotte was dressed in a replica christening gown that has been used by the royals since Queen Victoria. Princess Charlotte today became the seventh royal baby to be christened in the Honiton lace and white satin gown first used at the christening of James, Viscount Severn in 2008. The frilly cream outfit is a replica of the intricate lace and satin christening gown made for Queen Victoria’s eldest daughter and used for all royal baptisms until Lady Louise Windsor in 2004. Along with Viscount Severn, Prince George has worn the gown, as did Lord Frederick Windsor’s daughter Maud and (Princess Anne’s daughter) Zara Tindall’s little girl Mia (a great-grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II).

Princess Charlotte was wheeled in style to her destination in a stately Millson baby coach-style carriage pram that was once used by the Queen for her own children. The Queen used the pram for Prince Charles’ christening in 1948. It has also carried Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, and Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex. The large silver-wheeled pram has been carefully refurbished since then. Here we can see the youngest of the Queen’s children Prince Edward in the Millson carriage.

Millson was founded in the early 1900s at 303 Oxford Street, London, and was favored by the Royal Family and aristocracy. The Millson company resided in Wigmore Lane, London. Eventually, the prestigious company dissolved in the 1960s. Millson prams were stylish, sophisticated and very well made, so no wonder the royal choice. The pram used by the Duchess of Cambridge is a Millson Cavendish – which is a slightly smaller design. All Millson prams were hand-made.

Where can you buy a coach style pram like this?

Millson prams are simply not made anymore so you can’t buy one brand new. Ebay and some collectors or restorers have vintage prams available. Simply Google “Millson coach built prams” – likely many will be located in the U.K where the prams were originally sold and used.

The closest coach pram still made in the U.K is the Silver Cross pram. The Kensington model looks quite similar to the Millson sported by the Duchess of Cambridge. Take a look below:

The Kensington comes in a variety of color combos but the navy color above most closely matches Princess Charlotte’s pram. It retails for 1,250.00 GBP. Although old-fashioned by modern standards the Kensington has an element of practicality with a detachable body and fold-down chassis. Still hand made and hand finished in Yorkshire by skilled craftsmen, every detail of the Kensington reflects the appeal and precision of classic British design. With all round suspension and a beautiful white cotton pram liner and mattress, the Kensington delivers classic pram comfort and ride for happy, peaceful newborns. There are many retail outlets for the Silver Cross pram. Here is one.

The British store Harrods has also jumped on the royal pram band-wagon. They now sell the Silver Cross Balmoral Bespoke pram and this retails for 5,000.00 GBP.

The prams come in different colors including navy blue. But as you can see this model most closely resembles the coach shape of the Millson pram. The wheels also interlock giving the pram carriage more bounce as one strolls. These prams are pretty exclusive – only 50 models will be hand-made. Made in England, each Silver Cross Balmoral Bespoke is individually customised, making it totally unique and the ultimate in exclusive baby luxury.

Stand-out features include the stunning chrome body, which is polished by hand to a high shine. The luxurious hood and apron is made from the softest and finest English leather and hand-stitched for the perfect finish. The magnificent C-Spring chassis has a metallic paintwork finish and provides the incredible bouncing glide for which Silver Cross is famous. From the company:

“To create your perfect Balmoral Bespoke, choose one of five colors for the hood and apron – Red, White, Black, Navy or Pink – then select any one of the same colours for the chassis. Complete the customisation with the solid wood handle, available in a white or walnut finish.  Each pram is also personalised, with two individually engraved plaques – one featuring your child’s name and the second showing the pram’s limited edition number. Finally, every Balmoral Bespoke comes with an exclusive hand-signed certificate featuring your child’s name, the pram’s individual number and date of manufacture.  The Silver Cross Balmoral Bespoke is available exclusively in Harrods.”

One of the first products Princess Charlotte show-cased was this shawl is by G H Hurt & Son  


This beautiful baby shawl in super-fine merino wool is a soft and gentle way to keep your baby cozy. Knitted in a lovely ivory white, it is ideal for use as an elegant Christening shawl or special occasion blanket. Each shawl is hand-finished with a scalloped edge, in the traditional Shetland way. Price GBP 48.

  • Size: 120x120cm
  • Yarn: 100% merino wool

Princess Charlotte’s first official portrait with her brother Prince George

Princess Charlotte has already made a fashion splash of her own and largely due to her Spanish nanny Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo. The little princess was wearing a knit outfit by the Spanish label Irulea, which was part of a set given to her by Prince George’s nanny’s mother. It consists of a bonnet, a wool jersey, booties and a beautiful decorous blouse.


On her first public appearance Princess Charlotte wore the bonnet when her parents took her home from hospital. Buy the set here.

We will follow Princess Charlotte’s fashion trends here. Will this be a future outfit for Princess Charlotte? New from Spanish label Irulea who supplied Princess Charlotte’s first outfits.

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