design + comfort = Zutano

Design & Comport = Zutano

A brand review by Jak Burke,

Baby Does NYC recently had the pleasure of partnering with Zutano the brand that offers a complete range of newborn, baby and toddler items. Zutano combines a rich design element of gorgeous colors with cozy soft materials to bring your baby a snappy look in all weathers. What we loved about their outfits was their durability, easy to wash apparel and practical outfits – whether it be a pair of adorable booties or a cute elf suit.  And as you know infants and toddlers can be fussy in terms of sensory issues so fabrics that offer comfort along with insulation are much easier to put on when the weather turns chilly. We asked two New York parents to test the Zutano Elf suit and a pair of Zutano booties and here was their feedback.


  • Easy to wash
  • Wide range of colors, unisex
  • Elf Suit perfect for Car Seat wear (fold over hand and feet cover)
  • Gift service available
  • Monogram service available
  • Preemie wear


Lime Elf Suit (was $43.00) $32.25

Real Parents, Real Reviews: Mom Sori
“I just received the Zutano Elf Suit that I won from Zutano and Baby Does NYC and it could not have come at a better time! This crazy New York weather had me switching from the warm bunting in the 30’s to layering with blankets in the 60’s. I have nothing against blankets, but they fall off when baby kicks, so it isn’t always the most practical option. In comes the Zutano Elf Suit– it keeps my baby covered from head to toe, which he still needs as an infant, but doesn’t overheat him on those random Spring like weather days. I love that it comes in so many colors (I chose lime green) and it has the option to cover baby’s hands and feet with fold over cuffs. And since it’s a thinner material, I don’t have to take it off my son when I strap him into his infant car seat. As the weather continues to flip flop I’ll make sure to keep my Zutano Elf Suit close by now and through the Spring!”


Color block booties $21

Real Parents, Real Reviews: Mom Tyneisha
“My son has been wearing the Zutano booties and I am pleasantly surprised! He does NOT like shoes or anything covering his feet but he has been walking around in these almost like he forgets he has them on. They are very cute, feel super soft and I LOVE the wide open design; his feet are not being squeezed in; it’s more like the booties wrap around his feet instead so I think that’s pretty brilliant, and probably why he kept them on! The non-slip soles are great so I don’t have to worry about him falling in the kitchen or bathroom where we have tile. I really like the 2 button closure design too so I can make the fit looser or a little more snug around his ankles depending on what pants he has on. I’ve been really impressed with these Zutano booties and definitely recommend them; especially for babies like mine who have a hard time keeping any kind of shoes on!”

Zutano also has a wide range of one-pieces, hats, dresses, tees, tops, bottoms and hoodies for a growing baby girl or boy on the move. They also offer gift services and a full return policy on any unused item purchased direct from So get your groove on this season with Zutano!

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