Celebrate Parenthood with Pearhead

Celebrate Parenthood with Pearhead

By Jak Burke,

What’s in a photograph? Just about everything.

Photographs transport us back in time.  They are precious reminders of how far we have come. They also chronicle a parent’s journey and a child’s milestones. Our pictures are so important we will want to capture the best from a moment and with the finesse of a professional studio. But how?

If there is a magic to creating keepsakes – Pearhead gets it. Their range of chalkboards give parents an opportunity to customize an experience like the trimesters of pregnancy and stuff like weird cravings or the size of a developing fetus.


Once our baby has arrived it might be months before we regroup from sleepless nights and breast-feeding but eventually we do, and those cute skills that our infant is mastering can be commemorated in a unique way. A Pearhead chalkboard is your opportunity to stop time and how often do we get to stop the clock?


According to scientific research our brains are hard-wired to constantly seek patterns, because patterns represent stability, but life isn’t a sequential experience. As any parent will tell you – living with a toddler often feels chaotic.

Stopping the clock through poignant portraits gives us the power to orchestrate random memories. It’s the magical making of sequential patterns with a reward experienced much later on when our kids have grown and left home.

Looking back … we will have a photographic journey that celebrates our path through parenthood.


Her first class: a huge milestone. Something to celebrate and brag about. Social media offers families spread over the country a platform to share moments like these. Pearhead’s chalkboards complete those moments.


What about our own parents? Don’t they have bragging rights too? You bet! Pearhead’s chalkboards can be used as a prop to announce the coming of grandchildren. In one image and with one chalkboard a life-changing announcement can be perfectly made.


Sssshhhh … “Do not disturb” just took a new twist.  New parents understand the value of a sleeping baby. Finally comes the opportunity to sit down, to watch TV, to take a shower or have a power nap. So keeping noise to a minimum can not only be pragmatic but also aesthetic. This sign is great for when our relatives are staying with us or if we have contractors in our home.

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We interviewed the photographers at Glow Portraits: Sophie and Daphne, here.


Sophie and Daphne

“Combining the beauty of new life with artistic photography… Sophie and Daphne have a passion for capturing timeless maternity and newborn portraits. Having worked together at Michael Kormos Photography, they were inspired to create a sister brand that caters exclusively to expecting parents seeking a luxury studio experience. And so… glow portraits® was born.

As one of the premier newborn photography studios in NYC, we pride ourselves on providing a relaxed and enjoyable experience from start to finish. We offer a lovely selection of natural blankets and knit accessories for newborns, as well as a gorgeous wardrobe of maternity gowns and sheer fabrics. Professional hair and makeup is provided in the studio for an afternoon of well-deserved pampering.

Our signature style is soft, simple, and pure. We love to capture the sweet expressions, tiny details, and tender emotions of this beautiful journey into motherhood. We have years of experience in handling and soothing newborns, so brand new parents can rest assured that they are in good hands. With our expertise in artful lighting and editing, we are dedicated to producing beautifully styled images and heirloom artwork to preserve this precious time in your family’s life.

As your babies grow in the blink of an eye, this is your chance to embrace these special moments that will bring you joy and lasting memories. We look forward to hearing from you, and creating one-of-a-kind works of art that will be cherished forever!”

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