Bump Water: flavor, sparkle and prenatal goodness

Bump Water - flavor, sparkle and prenatal goodness

By Jak Burke,

You’re newly pregnant and overwhelmed by the changes going on in your body. With your cartload of supplements and a definitive ‘avoid’ list you just wish you had something that tasted good and helped alleviate your nausea. But what?

Bump Water

Imagine a beverage bursting with subtle refreshing flavor that also delivered:

  • 100% of the RDA of many essential prenatal vitamins, most importantly: Folic Acid, as well as Vitamin A, D, B6, and B12, Niacin, Biotin, Zinc, and Magnesium
  • Comes OBGYN recommended
  • All natural
  • Low sugar
  • Low calorie
  • Doctor approved: “Fifty percent of my patients can’t stomach prenatal vitamins and Bump Water would be an easy solution for them to get the folic acid and other vitamins they need,” says Dr. Samantha Feder, director of ambulatory obstetrics and gynecology at Roosevelt Hospital in New York. “For those who can, it’s another refreshing way to supplement their diet. I would definitely recommend it.”
  • Sparkling or flat water choices that help alleviate common pregnancy symptoms like nausea and bloating

That would be quite a find right? Thanks to Bump Water you can now enjoy a non-alcoholic beverage loaded with good-stuff, without compromising on flavor. 

The Story behind Bump Water

“Isn’t there an easier way to get prenatal vitamins other than these huge horse pills that make us sick?” That was the question that started it all and set four friends—one mom, one mom-to be, plus the two husbands who met while flying helicopters in the Navy—on a mission. Meet Spencer, Amber, Stacy, and Jon, the folks behind Bump Water.

The Process

Working with beverage experts, the Bump Water team sipped, sampled, and shared with friends in their Brooklyn apartments until they found the perfect combinations of light, delicious flavors, that they named Bump Water. They have perfected flat and sparkling versions—because what pregnant woman doesn’t crave bubbles? The beverages are all natural, low in sugar and calories, and chock full of the necessary prenatal vitamins, light in taste, and most importantly, refreshing.

4 awesome flavors:

Cranberry Ginger


Pomegranate mixed berry

Strawberry Lemonade

Mom approved

Norah Walrod (above with daughter) is a mom living in Columbus, Ohio. Baby Does … NYC sent her some Bump Water samples. She chilled the water for a few hours in the fridge before sampling.

Norah tried two flavors: the Cranberry Ginger and the Lemonade. Both bottles were extremely refreshing with a smooth finish: no after taste or vitamin taste.

The thing Norah liked best about the Bump Water was that it was fizzy (like a high-end club soda).  She felt that the bubbles immediately settled her stomach and helped relieve her gas/ bloating. She also found that the carbonation combated her nausea.  

Norah’s husband, Bryant, a doctor, also sampled the Cranberry Ginger and the Lemonade. He described them as refreshing and light-tasting.

Where can I buy Bump Water?



coming to diapers.com soon.