Baby Fingers Class: Parent Review

Baby Fingers Class - Parent Review


What is Baby Fingers?

Based on considerable research, Baby Fingers is designed to promote family communication while enhancing motivation to speak, increasing IQ, improving vocabulary and literacy skills, decreasing frustration, refining motor coordination and spatial reasoning skills.  The Baby Fingers team offers a unique combination of American Sign Language or ASL and music, games, stories, and dramatic play for all ages.

The Story

Owner Lora Heller taught her own two sons ASL privately before realizing the universal and commercial benefits of teaching ASL to infants. She has subsequently added to ASL instruction – creative and musical themed enrichment. Read her story here.

Won’t teaching ASL hinder my infant’s speech development?

No – infants transition normally or even precociously into speech. The benefits of ASL is that your infant can ‘communicate’ with you before natural speech emerges. This connection creates trust between caregivers, parents and small children.

Is it just ASL?

No … the classes hosted by Baby Fingers ALSO offer music for babies, music therapy, parties, parent workshops, infant massage and creative play.

Real Parents, Real Reviews: Baby Fingers

As a result of a Baby Does NYC’s Giveaway, my son Brayden, his father, and myself were all privileged to attend a drop-in Baby Fingers class last Friday which focused on Sign Language through song and play. The other children attending the drop-in class were of similar age and developmental level as my son, creating a perfect environment for Brayden, who is six months old, to learn and play. The time we spent at the drop-in class was both fun and educational (for all three of us!), with the instructor, Jacob showing a genuine interest and passion for sign language, music, and children. Moreover, it was almost immediately clear that Jacob was both experienced and knowledgeable in these areas, having professional training with music and sign language. This component helped to built a level of confidence with the classes professionalism and thereby gave the class an authentic educational purpose.

Because the class was under an hour and felt as though it was just picking up momentum as it drew to a close, regular and even weekly attendance would serve to benefit ones child greater than the occasional drop-in class. It is important to note that even after attending one class, it is clear that enrolling in a series of classes would enhance the pre-verbal communication between both a parent/caregiver and child. The classes provide a foundation that allows the parent/caregiver and child to incorporate sign language into their daily lives through continued use and application of classes learning at home. A special thank you to Baby Does NYC for this opportunity to attend one and Baby Fingers educational and fun drop-in classes and a special thank you to Baby Fingers for having us as we hope to return again soon for future drop-in classes!” Mom Ashley.

Where can I find a Baby Fingers class?