Asphalt Green: thinking activity differently

Asphalt Green - thinking activity differently

New York City is rich in organizations dedicated to fitness but few make it their mission to bring activity through classes, recreational leagues and competitive leagues to ALL New Yorkers. Asphalt Green is one such organization.  How does it work? Two ways:

  1. A fee-based youth sports and aquatics program curriculum that is built on three tiers—classes, recreational leagues and competitive teams. These classes teach fundamental skills and then their recreational leagues give athletes the opportunity to put these newly learned skills into action. Finally, players progress to Asphalt Green’s competitive teams where they compete against the best.
  2. As a nonprofit, Asphalt Green is committed to bringing the same high-quality instruction of their fee-based programs to their free community programs.  Asphalt Green delivers free and low-cost community programs to nearly 31,000 children annually in schoolyards, gymnasiums and pools across New York City. In addition, they provide scholarships for their fee-based programs to talented individuals with financial need.

Asphalt Green has two locations

  1. Upper East Side
  2. Battery Park City

Each facility has four core activity themes

  1. Aquatics – swim, water polo, diving, lifeguard training, water exercise
  2. Sports – soccer, basketball, baseball, martial arts, flag football, sports performance school, dodgeball, softball, triathlon
  3. Fitness – training, spin, pilates, yoga, group exercise, teen fitness, stretching, workshops
  4. Camps – summer day camp, mini camps, swim camps

Even more …

Asphalt Green also offers Childcare Services, Children’s Parties, Certifications

Childcare Services (members)

Asphalt Green offers parent members on-site babysitting for a fee so that they can workout in the Fitness Center. They also offer pickup service from school to make sure children get from school to their facility for their afternoon class. In addition, Asphalt Green hosts kid friendly events so that parents can enjoy a night out.

Children’s Parties

Asphalt Green offers a variety of age-appropriate gymnastics and sports themed birthday parties and special events for your child

  1. Upper East Side
  2. Battery Park City

Find a Class

It’s easy! Simply input from a drop-down menu – the program – the age of your child – the preferred day and the preferred time.

  1. Upper East Side
  2. Battery Park City

For my baby/toddler?

We found some excellent swim classes:

Upper East Side

Water Babies: 4-11 months, 21-28 months

Advanced Swim: 28-36 months

Battery Park City

Water Babies: 4-11 months, 21-28 months

Advanced Swim: 28-36 months

Asphalt Green is particularly good for children 4+ so starting your baby on their swim program from an early age is a good start on a path to fitness fun.

photo credit: Asphalt Green