5 Winter Stroller Essentials for Your Baby

Stroller Essential Winter

Guest post by Ciara Coleman,

With a cold winter in the not-so-distant future, it is time to swap out that stroller liner for a cozy BundleMe and get prepared for the rain, snow and frigid temperatures soon to be upon us.  Thankfully, with a vast selection of winter stroller accessories on offer, there is no need for you and your little ones to remain house bound once the cold weather strikes. Here are our top five winter stroller accessories to get you on your way;

1.  Cozy Footmuff

Keep your little one cozy and warm with a stroller footmuff this winter. This is a great alternative to a blanket as it allows you to bundle your little one up quicker and easier. It doesn’t interfere with the five point harness, there is no fear of it falling off the stroller and many have a weather resistant exterior which you will be thankful of if you get caught in a sudden rain shower!  One of my favorites is the JJ Cole Polar BundleMe.  The versatile Polar BundleMe features an extendable bottom that grows with your child, for use from birth to four years of age. As your child grows, simply unzip and unfold the hidden lower panel for extra leg room.  A soft interior and cozy hood maximize heat retention. It is adaptable for car seats, strollers and joggers. It also has a removable top for easy temperature control.

2.  Stroller hand muff

This was a life saver for me during the cold winter months.  It allows you to keep your hands warm and toasty while out and about with your little one.  My favorite is the Baby Jogger Plush Stroller Hand Muff.  It provides a soft, warm, dry place for your hands while pushing your stroller. The plush inside and the weather-resistant exterior will make sure your hands stay cozy and dry, even in the toughest weather conditions.

3.  Stroller organizer

A coffee holder is almost a necessity for most parents while out walking on bitterly cold days.  A parent console has the advantage of allowing you somewhere to keep your coffee while also having a second bottle holder and a closed compartment to store keys, wallet, pacifier and other valuables within arms reach.  My favorite is the Britax Stroller Organizer.  The convenient Britax Stroller Organizer expands your stroller’s storage capacity. Featuring adjustable straps that accommodate various handle angles and widths, the organizer fastens securely onto most strollers. It includes two beverage holders, a large middle compartment, and extra pockets for smaller items. It also collapses with the stroller unlike many coffee holders, which need to be removed before collapsing the stroller.

4.  A rain cover

While many strollers may come with a rain cover, there are still quite a few that do not.  A rain cover provides complete protection against wind and rain for your little one. Most strollers will have a custom rain cover designed specifically to fit your stroller.  There are also a number of covers that are universal.  For a complete barrier to the winter elements, check out the stroller coat from “Warm As A Lamb”.  Warm As A Lamb is the only thermally insulated Winter Stroller Coat Cover that keeps babies and toddlers completely protected and warmer from the frigid cold winds, snow and other winter elements.

Designed with adjustable pulls to fit all single and double standard size strollers, lightweight strollers and jogging strollers. The exterior is water-repellant non-toxic non-flammable breathable fabric with reflective strips and piping that glow-in-the-dark.  The Interior lining has a built-in-blanket that is soft and feels like lambskin to keep your child warmer and comfortable without over bundling.  Side air ventilation windows with mesh and plastic overlay allow for comfortable air flow.  A concealed rear storage compartment will keep your personal items safe and protected.  A zipper front window allows for easy access without ever needing to lift the coat cover in the cold. The cover will open and close with the stroller without the need to remove until the Winter is over. A detachable front panel can be used as a blanket or changer.

5.  Warm hat

Finally, choose a warm hat for your little one.  If you have a little rebel on your hands that refuses to keep a hat on, check out the balaclava hat options.  They will keep your baby’s head and neck nice and warm and won’t be so easily pulled off!! JoJo Maman BeBe have a very cute toddler balaclava complete with little bear ears on top. Need tips on staying warm this winter mom? 5 Winter Mom Essential

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Until the arrival of my own little bundle of joy two years ago, I knew pretty much nothing about the world of baby products out there.   I thought I was pretty prepared by the time she arrived, fully stocked with stroller, bouncer, baby changing accessories and what seemed like a mountain of other products.  I quickly realised that every month and milestone brought with it a myriad of baby products that we would either need or desire.  Naturally, I wanted my daughter to have the very best and most suitable products (while striking a balance with value for money!) and found myself researching every single purchase to the nth degree.  Now I’m hoping that all this research will be of some use to other parents.  I have included my product research along with reviews on the chosen products and toys throughout.  Happy reading!