5 Top Must-Haves from ABC Kids Expo

ABC Kids Expo

By Jak Burke

The ABC Kids Expo 2015 is an annual trade show that introduces innovative baby products to the parent market. These picks come courtesy of Well Rounded and Weespring two amazing websites that help parents to find great products. Please pay them both a visit!

4 Moms High-chair


Like umbrellas high-chairs haven’t changed that much since they were first invented. So 4 moms decided to reinvent the wheel. Two areas that most parents find aggravating are: locking in and then removing the feeding tray, and keeping the high-chair clean. The 4 moms engineering team discovered that using magnets inside the tray helped a parent to lock a tray into place with just one hand while sliding it in! Goodbye bending down onto your knees and trying to shove a tray either in or out. It gets even better. 4 moms also use magnets within the tray itself. Why? Well think about how junior loves moving his bowls, sippy cups and plates around and usually off the tray itself? 4 moms have a line of magnetic feeding accessories that work with the tray. So when you retrieve your baby covered in tomato sauce from her high-chair you won’t have to worry about dumped food bowls on the floor. Plus the utensils are adorable!


Easy to clean …. those are magic words. Ever found dry spaghetti or a nasty odor emanating from your kiddo’s high-chair? Right. Unless you have a removable cover it’s next to impossible to get into every nook and cranny. 4 moms have that sorted. They have removed those pesky nooks and crannies. And the high-chair has no fabric and its seat cover is removable, easy to wipe or remove and clean off in the sink. What about those crusty gross straps? The 4 moms’ straps are removable and machine-washable. YAY!

More product information

Designed for 6-months and up. You can adjust the height settings. It doesn’t fold up, but at its lowest height setting, you can easily slide it under your kitchen or dining room table to save space. The tray adjusts into three separate settings. There is both a 5-point and a 3-point harness. So the high-chair grows with your child. Each high-chair comes with one large bowl and lid. Additional utensils are sold separately. There are 3 color combos to choose from – black/grey; white/grey; and white/green. The 4moms high chair retails for $299.99. The 4moms high chair will be available in early 2016 at 4moms.com and retailers like buybuyBaby, Target.com and select specialty stores. Sign up here to be the first to know when it is available!



I LOVED these stylish binkies BECAUSE they have a unique feature – they pop inside a protective shell as soon as an infant spits them out. No more gross fluff covered pacifier nipple and bulging bags of extra binkies. The Doddle meets U.S. and EU safety standards, and is free from BPA and phthalates. Coming in 2016.



It looks like a bootie but it acts like a hospital monitor – using the same pulse oximetry technology as hospital equipment. Owlet sounds an alarm if you baby’s heart rate or oxygen levels are “off” – that is either too high or too low. The actual monitor is tucked into a bootie that your baby can wear while sleeping. The data is then transmitted to the parent base or a smart phone or tablet. Buy it here for $249:99.

The Entourage by Austlen


We’ve all done it: schlepped to a picnic or gone shopping or gone to the beach and lugged a dozen bags, had a screaming baby under an arm and a heavy stroller dragging behind you and taken two or three trips from the car? Not anymore! Meet the Entourage from Austlen. Obviously it goes without saying that this item is an accessory to a normal stroller so it’s good for someone with extra space to store and a budget for this extra equipment. There are different types: a twin Entourage, a baby and a toddler Entourage, and more cargo Entourage. This stroller is also compact and folds easily once everything has been taken out. Retails approx: $849:99.

Bebe Au Lait Lille Quadruple Bib


Ever wanted a bib as convenient as a baby wipe? When one gets soiled you pull out another one. Except you only have one bib and once junior messes one up you need another, and another, and another. No wonder diaper bags resemble travel luggage. Then along came Bebe Au Lait

How it Works

Four clean sides equals a whole day of eating with one bib! The completely reversible Lille Collection Quadruple Bib has two panels: each with absorbent cotton terry on one side and kid-inspired cotton prints on the other. A magnetic closure secures the bib across baby’s chest without snaps. Bonus! Magnets allow you to store the bib on the fridge for easy access when not in use.


  • 2 double-sided panels equals 2 times the cleaning surface of a traditional bib
  • Magnetic closure is simple, seamless, and strong
  • Generous sizing protects clothing and allows room for growth; approx. 10” by 10” when closed
  • Front: 100% cotton in bright and fun Bébé au Lait Lille Collection prints
  • Back: Soft and absorbent 100% cotton terrycloth
  • Patented design
  • Machine washable

So there you have it. 5 amazing new items that will make your life easier.