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5 Cool Items for Your NYC Summer Baby


By Jak Burke,

Feeling the heat yet? Summer and a new baby or energetic toddler brings along its own list of must-have items. Most of the time though you can get by with a few necessary items. Here’s our essentials check-list for summer outdoor fun.

To Hook and to Hold

You will likely have extra bags to schlepp en route your outdoor adventure and iced coffee or water to sip so opt for a couple of Oxo Handy Stroller Hooks at $7:99 each.

And a KidLuf stroller cup holder pricing between $17:99-9:99 depending on vendors. KidLuf was the best-selling item on Amazon due to easy attachment and the fact that it fits most stroller brands.

Compact Stroller Organizer

Traveling light in the City during the summer means making the most of your stroller organizer. Choose one that easily fits beverages and some essentials like sun screen, diaper cream/wipes and a couple of diapers plus feeding bottles. SkipHop has a handy organizer for $23:00. This insulated beverage and essentials caddy stretches to hold bottles and coffee cups securely, while providing easy access to your most important items. Includes a detachable wristlet for errands and a headphone port for hands-free calls.

Cover and Crawl Blankets

Munchkin’s Swaddle Angel Blankets are made from 100% rayon derived from sustainable bamboo. Not only are these blankets light and gorgeously designed but they also multifunction as: swaddling, nursing accessories, stroller hood covers (corner loops for attaching to stroller), stroller liners, burp cloth and a tummy-time crawl mat. Comes as a two-pack with a six print option. I use one to line the stroller to keep baby cool and clean, and one for everything else. Super value at just under $12!


Picnic snoozing

If you and your partner love to picnic outdoors and enjoy free NYC events why not bring along baby? Kidco has two awesome products for outdoor baby snoozing: the PeaPod and the PeaPod Plus. For longevity you might want to opt for the PeaPod Plus simply because it is large enough to pop an infant carrier in and later on host your sleeping toddler. The PeaPods are light, fold flat into a handy travel bag, and fit into a carry-on suitcase. The lightweight mesh promotes air flow and protects against UV and bugs. It also comes with anchor straps for ground attachment. PeaPod Plus retails at $119:99; PeaPod retails at $79:99.

Got any Summer tips for new moms? Let us know: @BabyDoesNYC #summertips


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