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New York Sleep Coach: Kylee Sallak


My name is Kylee Sallak, and I am the creator of Happy Parents, Happy Child, which is a lifestyle choice designed to help parents be the best versions of themselves for their children, and for each other. New York Sleep Coach is a huge piece of the HPHC lifestyle and is a resource for parents who are interested in sleep training their child with the help of a sleep coach.

The basic philosophy behind HPHC is that our little ones pick up when we are chronically sleep-deprived and that affects them as they absorb our energy and our emotion, both negative and positive. If we are able to make ourselves happy parents, we are sure to raise happy children. Being well-rested as adults and as babies has huge implications on our physical, mental and emotional well-being. Creating what will be a long-term positive outcome is achieved in a matter of days of working with me as your sleep coach. Big rewards, tiny changes.

HPHC is driven by my passion for helping parents navigate the first 5 years of life, and as such, you will find that I am offering up my sleep coach technique based on 15 years of positive experience with this age group. Sleeping through the night and positive discipline are topics I am passionate about teaching to new parents. The enormously positive results I see in families who sleep train with me, inspire me every day to reach new families and make more happy homes.


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