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WIN this best-selling parenting book by Erica Komisar! Value $26.

In this important and conversation-starting book, veteran psychoanalyst Erica Komisar offers a provocative and compelling premise: a mother’s emotional and physical presence in her child’s life–especially during the first three years–means that her child has a greater chance of growing up emotionally healthy, happy, secure, and resilient. When that essential presence goes missing, the child is at higher risk for social, emotional, and developmental issues, both immediate and long term.

Compassionate and balanced, and focusing on the emotional health and well-being of children as well as that of the mothers who care for them, this book shows mothers and fathers how to give their children the best chance for developing into healthy and loving adults. Based on more than two decades of clinical work, established psychoanalytic theory, and the most current and cutting-edge neurobiological research on caregiving, attachment, and brain development, the book explains:

– How to establish emotional connection with a newborn or young child–regardless of whether you’re able to pause your career to stay home
– How to select and train quality childcare if necessary–and how to ease transitions and minimize stress for your baby or toddler
– What’s true and false about widely held beliefs like “Babies are resilient” and how to combat feelings of post-partum depression or boredom
– Why three months of maternity leave is not long enough–and how women and their partners can take control of their choices to provide for their family’s emotional needs in the first three years

As practical as it is empowering, this is a book that celebrates and illuminates the precious bond mothers and young children have – and shows how and why to foster it, even in a busy and hectic world

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  1. Love Ubbi!!!!! #2 is due in March so this is perfect!

  2. thanks for the chance! entered & shared!

  3. This is great I have a new foster baby she is precious and only 4 months old this would be so terrific..

  4. This will be perfect for my new bundle of joy

  5. Gabby Anderson

    Wish my luck I would love to win a play yard Cabana for my two boys.

  6. Stephanie Phelps

    Oh both these would be amazing to win thank you so much for the chance!

  7. The Primo Play Yard Cabana would be a dream! My younger 2 boys would have a blast!!

  8. I would love that Primo Play Yard Cabana!! Amazing. My boys would go nuts! Fingers crossed <3

  9. Stephanie Phelps

    So cute I could really use one! Thank you for the chance

  10. Stephanie Phelps

    Wow what and awesome chair thank you for the chance to win it!

  11. Love it, really great for keeping organized on the go.

  12. WOW That would be awesome to win. This can be really useful. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity.

  13. I love Ubbi!!!!!
    This is perfect for the grandbaby.

  14. This item would make time on the go much more convenient!

  15. This would be so convenient with items you mostly need to be found quickly and easy access.

  16. That is super cute. Thanks for hosting and sharing.

  17. I love the image on the bucket!

  18. Those choopie city buckets ate absolutely adorable.

  19. Love the choopie CityBucket, such a functional cute product.

  20. How can I not imagine myself walking around the city with my newborn in the choopie CityBucket. Love love love!

  21. I would love this for my stroller! We walk a lot!

  22. We love that Primo Play Yard Cabana this would be so amazing love all the products thanks..

  23. Love the Choopie! It is so stylish and I would love to get my hands on one!

  24. Love this. Thanks for the chance to win.

  25. So perfect please pick our new bundle of joy to be the winner.

  26. I love the retro feel. So cute!

  27. Our baby Ava would look so cute in the Busy Bees Emma Cross Back Bubble White Seersucker Stripe romper!

  28. Cute! Perfect for spring!

  29. Benjamin Kendall

    My Daughter is pregnant again; I hope to win for her

  30. My baby girl Lyla would look so cute in this -this summer!!!!

  31. the old has become new… like it!

  32. So cute. I want one!

  33. This bag would make a fantastic Fathers Day gift!

  34. My husband would love this diaper bag! fingers crossed.

  35. Cute outfit! Would look great on any of my boys!

  36. Great clothes for boys!

  37. My guy would look great in this!

  38. OK my Dylan would look so chic in this! Thank you for this great blog, fellow New Yorker.

  39. Nice, quality clothing.

  40. I have the sweetest grandson that would so love to be the winner he will be 4 and when he dresses up he goes to everyone and says I am the sharpest dude ever he crakes me up love him to pieces..

  41. Love the awesome clothes!!!

  42. man my cute lil nephew would be so stylin in these threads!!


  44. This outfit is so cute! 😃

  45. The grandson would look so decked out. I really the styles! THANK YOU

  46. This outfit is completely adorable!

  47. BUSY BEES KIDS clothes are absolutely fabulous!

  48. These clothes are absolutely precious! This is exactly how I want to dress my son when he arrives in a few weeks 🙂

  49. This outfit is adorable. I would give it to my newphew!

  50. I love it!

  51. Thanks for the giveaway! The clothing is really adorable and classic. My grandson would look super cute in this outfit!

  52. I love it all. Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  53. I would love this.

  54. This is so sweet!

  55. This looks amazing! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  56. I love your contests!

  57. I’ve five grandsons aged from 2 to 7 years and they would all suit this preppy look

  58. My little boys would look so cute in these!

  59. Such an adorable little outfit! Would love this for my little one due in the fall, he will look so snazzy for church 🙂

  60. Wish i could win this for a gift to a friend 🙂

  61. Great giveaway it would be for grandson

  62. natalee gosiewski

    oh wow what a super cool lil outfit

  63. fab prize count me in please x

  64. These would be awesome for my little grandson. Thank you!!

  65. I love this. Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone!

  66. loads of really nice cloths on the site, my son would look brilliant in some of there stuff xxx

  67. Kate Sabin-Burns

    Very cute!

  68. lovely prize

  69. Oh, wow! Absolutely stunning !

  70. These are so stylish and amazing!!!

  71. This is adorable xx

  72. marie panes-everill

    Cute, smart and eyecatching.

  73. This is adorable! I’d love to see my little one in this.

  74. I would love to win this for my son.

  75. These clothes look so smart and yet comfy, thanks for trhe chance to win!

  76. This is absolutely wonderful x x x

  77. I just found your blog, and I am now a new fan.

  78. Thanks for the chance!

  79. Would love to prep up my kindergarten grandson!

  80. we have a wedding to go to soon. this would be cute

  81. I would love this for my son! Sooo cute!!!

  82. These are beautiful, would love to win this.

  83. What a cute outfit! Busy Bees has many great items.

  84. My grandson will be so cute

  85. I just love this outfit super cute..

  86. I agree The decisions you make now will affect your family for years to come. I think one decision I think is important is to draw up a will and start a college fund.

  87. ty! love your blog!

  88. This is sooo cute, thanks for the chance!!!

  89. Little boys clothes are so cute. My baby would look just like his daddy in these.

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