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“Good Karma” Gift Giving Ideas

By Jak Burke, What can we buy our loved ones for the holidays that actually makes a difference? Conscious-buying is not just a trend it’s a wave that will reshape how businesses interact with our planet and communities. So dig deep without guilt and know that your gifts will be …

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Which Baby Formula is Breast? (most like breast milk)

This report was produced by Reviews.com, with permission to use. The 30-Second Review The good news when it comes to picking the best baby formula is that you can’t really go wrong — the FDA regulates them all to ensure infants are getting the nutrition they need. That said, every …

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Want to Avoid 12 Hormone-Altering Chemicals in Your Breast-Milk?

  By Jak Burke, Did you know that 232 toxic chemicals were found in umbilical blood samples? And 12 hormone-disrupting chemicals were found in breast-milk? Let’s begin with breast-milk. Below are the ‘Dirty Dozen’ according to EWG.org a nonprofit watchdog for consumers. Why avoid them? “There is no end to …

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