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Green Baby Products

“Good Karma” Gift Giving Ideas

By Jak Burke, What can we buy our loved ones for the holidays that actually makes a difference? Conscious-buying is not just a trend it’s a wave that will reshape how businesses interact with our planet and communities. So dig deep without guilt and know that your gifts will be …

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Gerber + American Farmers = Healthy Tasty Baby Food

Jak Burke, Jessie James Decker, Lynne Walrod   By Jak Burke, Lynne and I got to check out first hand how Gerber’s line of baby food is sourced, pureed, tested and packaged. The first person we encountered was celebrity mom Jessie James Decker who is committed to infant nutrition. Jessie …

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Winter Skin: 5 tips to protect your baby when it’s cold

  By Jak Burke, It’s tempting just to rub some vaseline on our baby’s cheeks before venturing outside into the cold. It’s what our moms did – right? But does our baby’s skin deserve more? Yes, because UV radiation continues during the winter months. Why?   UV = UVB, UVA …

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